Journey of the Divine: Pantheon Academy

Following Skyforge’s Journey of the Divine update, the Pantheon recruitment process will become much more streamlined and new players will have an easier time engaging veteran players! After the update, Pantheons will be capable of adding a new building to their Stronghold - the Academy.

Skyforge Academy Pantheon 1

The Academy building has several levels which, when upgraded, increase its maximum capacity.

The Academy acts as a Pantheon within the Pantheon, functioning as a branch of the primary group that only players who have yet to unlock their Divine Form can join. Players seeking to join an Academy can do so via a special Pantheon Search interface that will assist them in making their choice.
This interface displays all the information one would need to know about a Pantheon such as the number of members & Academy participants, prime time of participants, and requirements for Pantheon members. Communities found on the list are sorted by Involvement, a parameter based on Pantheon ratings.

Skyforge Academy Pantheon 2

This provides a novice player a convenient tool at their disposal to find and join a Pantheon. Joining an Academy does not require filling out a form on a website or having an interview. Instead, with a simple click of a button a player becomes a member of that Pantheon’s Academy.
As a player progresses in the Academy, they receive bonuses for themselves and prove to be a benefit to their chosen community. For example, Academy participants can give their Pantheon the ability to improve the Obelisks in Triumph Square above level 3 using a new resource called Collaboration Points.

Skyforge Academy Pantheon 3

Once a player joins an Academy, they will have access to special missions for adepts and, upon completion, can receive energy modules and replenish the Pantheon’s Construction Resources. But that's not all!

However, there are still some requirements these novices must meet. Academy participants need to log into the game at least once every 4 days. If this requirement is not met, any commander can expel the player without a vote. Additionally, to keep a place in the Academy the player needs to develop their character as well as visiting Skyforge on a regular basis. If a player is expelled, they will not be able to join the Academy of the same Pantheon for three days. If a member is expelled from three different Academies in seven days, the character is penalized and will not be able to join any Academy for another seven days.

Academy members can communicate to regular members & commanders in the general Pantheon chat – Regular members will have their own separate chat. Commanders will also possess the ability to ban any player from the Pantheon chat for rule violations or inappropriate behavior.

Upon achieving their Divine Form, players in an Academy can become regular Pantheon members. The transfer procedure is the same as promoting a member – by a vote among the commanders. If, for some reason, a junior god remains in the Academy, they can still participate in Invasions while Distortions and Pantheon Wars will be inaccessible to them.

Play Skyforge today and get ready to join an Academy in the Journey of the Divine Update!