Journey of the Divine: Symbols & Rewards

The Skyforge Team is very excited to have our Journey of the Divine update release in the very near future and will be highlighting a handful of the major additions that will be accompanying it throughout the week. For instance, today we’d like to discuss two important changes to the game – A system that allows more convenient navigation of Symbols and the ability to manually select your rewards from an Adventure.

Symbol Navigation

Many of the symbols in the Ascension Atlas have several ranks. For example, Mark of Death has 3 ranks and Ultimate Strength has 6. It can easily become quite laborious to look for the symbol’s location on the Atlas each time a route is being planned. With this in mind, a system has been developed that makes this aspect of navigation much easier. It will now be possible to merely open the relevant panel and select the desired symbol to be shown where its various ranks are located.

Skyforge Journey of the Divine 2

This system also works in the individual Class Atlases as well. Need to quickly locate a skill or talent? Find it in the general list, left-click the icon, and the desired node will be presented. Afterwards, players may lay a path towards it and must obtain the necessary amount of sparks as normal.

Right now only the Ascension Atlas and Class Atlas have this navigation system, but it will later be added to the atlases of invading armies and the Divine Atlas.

Skyforge Journey of the Divine 3

Reward Selection

While there is commonly a variety of choices available when viewing what content can be completed for certain rewards, it’s understandable that someone may really enjoy one Adventure while being less than thrilled about another. With the Journey of the Divine update there will now be many adventures, marked on the globe with an asterisk, that allow the rewards received at the end of the Adventure to be manually chosen by the player.

After successfully completing an adventure, players will be asked to select any of the available rewards. For example, this includes Sparks of Destruction, Creation or Balance, Ammunition, Supplies, and Celestial Threads. Only one reward can be selected and keep in mind that Sparks of Insight will not be offered to players that have exceeded their limit.

Skyforge Journey of the Divine 1

Reward selection will always be available in massive and small battles and on Pantheon War maps. Additionally, various promo adventures (Class, Relic, x2 & x3 Bonus Promos) will also provide the option to select your chosen reward.

Join Skyforge today and keep up to date with all the exciting changes arriving in Journey of the Divine!