The Phytonides are approaching!


The remaining forces of the Reapers of Death are leaving Aelion. You have crushed Thanatos's armies, but a new enemy is lurking on the horizon. A Phytonide fleet has been spotted close to Aelion. Machavann has rebuilt his army and is planning another attack.

Get ready for the next invasion. Complete adventures on Nightmare difficulty to prepare for the upcoming battle. Keep in mind that this season brings with it a new development system: the Invasion Atlas. It will replace Flavius's laboratory and its bonuses, giving the immortals the ability to choose the nodes they need.


You asked us why we'd made the decision to remove the laboratory from the game. We wanted to give players more options and features. Flavius's Laboratory was set up in a way that prevented us from expanding it by adding new symbols or missions. New players were faced with the task of completing an endless number of missions in each of the six labs — which admittedly wasn't very exciting. As for immortals who play on current difficulty, the laboratory had nothing to offer them aside from Superiority.

Along with removing laboratory bonuses, we have also significantly weakened enemies. Invasion monsters are now similar to members of neutral armies in strength. The laboratory granted noticeable advantage only in the first seasons of the game. The Invasion Atlas, however, will make the character stronger for the entire duration of the current season, providing bonuses specifically for the active invasion. The more bonuses you unlock, the easier your battles against enemies will be.

We hope the new system will add variety to the gameplay both for beginners and for experienced players. This Wednesday, you'll be able to take a look at the atlas and choose your own path of development during the Phytonide invasion. And the next invasion will offer new bonuses and new experience.

It's almost here. Finish off what's left of Thanatos's army and get ready for the next invasion.

Invasion card
Normal Catch-up
Equipment generation: PC: 25
Xbox: 15
PS4: 19
Maximum number of followers in the Cathedral PC: 535,000
Xbox: 265,000
PS4: 395,000
PC: 485,000
Xbox: 222,500
PS4: 355,000
Maximum rank of the Tower of Knowledge PC: 235
Xbox: 170
PS4: 205
PC: 225
Xbox: 150
PS4: 190
Maximum rank of the Stronghold PC: 220
Xbox: 181
PS4: 220
PC: 210
Xbox: 170
PS4: 210

Update: Seasonal Challenges

Complete seasonal challenges, earn points, and unlock special rewards. Players have access to ten basic rewards. Purchasing a seasonal subscription will unlock another ten. You will also receive a new color option for the Phytomorph Costume.

In the first week of the invasion, you can get the seasonal subscription for 20% off!

You can purchase the seasonal subscription in the game.

When you complete the challenges of the current invasion, you receive valuable resources: game currency, Premium subscription, capsules with mythical equipment or legendary weapons, and Rebirth Flame. But the main reward will be the Wakan divine appearance. The energy of cosmos flows through its veins, and the eyes aglow with blue flames promise nothing but death to its enemies.

Earn the maximum number of points, unlock the Eradicator title, portrait elements, Halo of the Phytonide Vanquisher, and game resources.