March of Knowledge: Laboratory

One of the major requests revolving around the Resistance system was altering it to allow new players the ability to reach the same level. We went even further and simplified the resistance development process, making it accessible to all players. In the next update, the previous Resistance system will change to become much easier to research. Additionally, your ability to enter an Invasion adventure will no longer depend on the amount of resistance you have - but first things first.

Instead of the Invasion Bonuses tab, there will be a new screen: Laboratory. Laboratory is an individual interface that is not tied to a Pantheon where players can process materials (Eidoses) collected during fights with invaders and receive valuable information: Knowledge.

Skyforge Laboratory 1

Besides adding Knowledge, each new research will increase progress on a special bar. When it is filled, the research rank grows and will prove very important! The army research rank is what determines which invasion adventures are available to a player.

Mechanoids Rank Phytonides Rank Gorgonides Rank
- Screening Field Generator
- Defense of Fortifications
- Waves of Mechanoids
1 - Lending a Hand
- Crashed Transport Aircraft
- Infected Territories
1 - Crashed Transport Aircraft
- Lending a Hand
- Reactor Tangria-9
- Lending a Hand
- Crashed Transport Aircraft
- Mechanoid Ship
10 - Waves of the Phytonides
- Defense of Fortifications
- Phytonide Ship
10 - Defense of Fortifications 10
- Integrator
- Integrator: Champion Challenge
15 - Coming of Machavann
- Machavann’s Avatar
15 - Abandoned Fort Garune
- Glacial Plain
Reapers of Death Rank Oceanids Rank
- Lending a Hand
- Defense of Fortifications
- Crashed Reaper of Death Ship
1 - Kanter Processing Plant
- Oceanid Incubator
- Crashed Transport Aircraft
- Dark Ritual
- Reaper of Death Ship
10 - Crashed Transport Aircraft
- Lending a Hand

Many will be glad to hear that all research now takes only 24 hours, and after every 8 hours of active research, there is a chance that you will receive a gift. It may be a random piece of epic equipment, a resonance amplifier, a tactical sense replicator, or other useful items. You can also can skip the 24-hour Eidos research. In this case, the chance of receiving up to 3 bonuses (every 8 hours for 24 hours) will be the same as if you have waited the specified time.

Skyforge Laboratory 2

To speed it up, you will need a certain number of energy modules which can now be obtained from a new source. Members of Pantheons that have built an Ether Projector will be able to receive energy modules daily. The higher the level of your Ether Projector, the more modules you receive.

Level Energy Modules
1 0
2 10
3 20
4 30

Eidoses have also been changed. They are still given as a reward for defeating special troops and bosses in invasion adventures. But while they were a simple repository of knowledge and occupied space in the bag, they now act as a currency. There is no cap on Eidoses, but the amount of available army research is restricted to a certain number which grows with each new invasion of that army. Thus, Eidoses are needed for research and obtaining Knowledge, and the research boosts rank and provides access to new adventures. So why do you need Knowledge?

Atlases of invasions will be expanded. There will be a new section with nodes that, in addition to the main bonus, will add several points of resistance. Knowledge is needed to unlock nodes in new sections of the Invasion atlases! It will be easy to see where the old and the new parts appear. After the update, the point that leads to an Invasion atlas will not be at the edge of the board as it was before, but at its center. On one side of the center, you will see the part researched for army sparks, and the other will be the part that requires knowledge.

Skyforge Laboratory 3

It should also be noted that you will only need one type of resistance to fight each of the armies. This is the resistance you will get for unlocking the nodes in the atlas of this type of monster.

Army Resistance
Mechanoids Electricity
Phytonides Poison
Reapers of Death Radiation
Oceanids Cold
Gorgonides Hypnosis

Let us look at an example of how the new system works: A player goes on one of the Mechanoid Invasion adventures available to them, defeats all the special troops, takes down bosses and receives a certain number of Mechanoid Eidoses as a reward. Then they open the Laboratory screen in the Mechanoid tab and, if they have enough Eidoses, the research is initiated. After 24 hours (or straight away, if the player has used the Speed Up button), the research ends and the character receives the amount of knowledge they have earned. The player opens the Mechanoid Atlas and unlocks several nodes, receiving the indicated bonus to stats, new talents or symbols, and increases their resistance to Electricity.

Recalculating knowledge and Eidoses
All knowledge already contributed by players will be recalculated into the new system knowledge and Eidoses. Players will receive a gift (F9 key) that contains knowledge and Eidoses upon first entering the game following the update.

That’s all for now – The system will be updated alongside the release of March of Knowledge on February 10th!

Skyforge Laboratory 4