March of Knowledge: Photomode

Have you ever wanted to take a screenshot capable of matching the quality of those released by the Skyforge team? With the release of March of Knowledge's Photomode, you’ll finally have the opportunity to not only do that, you may take one that’s better!

Skyforge March of Knowledge Photomode 1

Photomode will allow players to, at the touch of a button, “pause” Skyforge.
In this state, anything that was currently occurring will remain frozen on screen and the player will have control over the camera as well as some extra features, such as adjusting the focus, to ensure they snap the perfect shot! This can be used at any point the player desires, be it PvP, an Avatar battle, falling from a high point, showing of your sweet ride, and so on!
However, obtaining the best possible shot requires sacrifice – the player can still be actively attacked while using Photomode, but are able to remain in this state until they’re satisfied with their image! Photomode will be accessible by clicking the (End) key on your keyboard.

Skyforge March of Knowledge Photomode 2

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