Mass Hiss-teria


The Gorgonide forces have managed to slither their way into the most vulnerable cracks of Aelion’s surface. The Milenes Caves are home to the largest deposit of energy crystals on the entire planet and as such, a vital resource gathering location. The Gorgonides desire those resources for themselves and have since made the caves a veritable nest of vipers.

Clearly the fork-tongued fiends have been planning this recent means of attack for a while, as the caves were attacked in full force abruptly and without warning, leading to an unbridled panic as we attempted to evacuate the civilians in the area. Powerful acolytes of Akonita are personally leading the occupation, draining the region of resources and employing never before seen tactics of keeping Immortal intervention at bay.


We are in dire need of your help and need all available Immortals to diverge on the area immediately! From August 22 to August 31, the completion of public quests in the invaded region will count towards the activation of Aeli’s blessing!

How to Participate:

During the course of the event, any completion of the Milenes Cave’s 3 public quests (Battle for Resources, Helpful Scientists, Akonita’s Servants) will count as a point towards the servers overall score. The overall score counts for all platforms Xbox, PS4, PC (NA/EU/RU) united.


  • 1,000 Points - 1 Day of Aeli’s Blessing
  • 1,500 Points - 3 Days of Aeli’s Blessing
  • 2,000 Points - 5 Days of Aeli’s Blessing


Depending on which goal you reach, Aeli’s Blessing can activate for a total of 5 days. While Aeli’s Blessing is active, Credits and Knowledge of Enemies obtained from adventures are increased by 50% for everyone on the server!

Time is short Immortals! It is imperative that we loosen the Gorgonide’s grip on the region, or they may constrict the life out Milenes entirely!