Meet the Lightbinder!

"Their doctrine, however rough and primitive it may seem, is based on an undeniable truth: Light in its purest form is the source of life. Because of this, the Lightbinder movement stands out among its peers and its benefits, relying on the tangible laws of the universe, are undisputed. " - Asterius's Encyclopedia

Immortals, today we’re proud to present the Lightbinder! A wise and brave warrior who wields the Power of Light, the Lightbinder is capable of destroying their enemies and aiding their allies in the frenzy of battle. Their presence is often requested for dangerous campaigns, as versatile allies like the Lightbinder provide- any party with a serious advantage.

In groups, Lightbinders are able to direct the flow of the fight: during the course of the battle they make critical decisions, protecting allies and weakening enemies at the most opportune of moments. All of the Lightbinder's basic skills can be directed against enemies or applied to their allies.

For example, when cast on an ally, the Lightbinder’s basic attack, Pulsating flare, increases their damage output. The Lighbinder's versatile powers make them deadly combatants, but by avoiding engaging the enemy directly, they’re able to maximize their support capabilities.

Burning Stream line

Basic Abilities:

AutoAttack-1 Pulsating Flare (LMB) The Lightbinder's basic attack. Deals damage to your enemy. Using it on allies can strengthen their subsequent attacks.

AutoAttack-2 Flood of Light / Burning Stream (LMB) Depending on the selected skill, holding the button down will activate either Stream of Light, which temporarily transfers part of the Lightbinder's abilities to an ally, or Burning Stream, which inflicts damage to all enemies in the beam's path.

Supernova-1 Particle of Light/Golden Sphere (RMB) Depending on how long the player holds the button down, one of the following skills is activated: Particle of Light is the Lightbinder's main AoE attack which can trigger Impulse Charge, and Golden Sphere which uses the force of gravity to create a temporary proximity vortex, pulling all nearby enemies into the center inflicting damage every second for 8 seconds.

Lucent-Flare-1 Sparks of Anger A powerful combat skill - the Lightbinder swings their rod, launching a sparkling sphere at the enemy that inflicts significant damage.

Hinderinglight-1 Unstable Shield Creates an unstable shield that absorbs damage equal to 12.5% of the Lightbinder's maximum health. The Lightbinder can use it to protect both themselves and a selected ally. When cast on an ally the amount of damage absorbed is doubled. The unstable shield lasts 8 seconds. If the shield is destroyed or the effect runs out, it explodes, inflicting significant damage to nearby enemies. The more enemies around the shielded target, the weaker the explosion.

Lightshaft1 Starstorm Launches three Impulse Charges at the enemies, inflicting massive damage. Casting Pulsating Flare provides a 5% chance to instantly reset the cooldown on Starstorm.

Light-Accelerator Wanderer's Relic Places a relic on the battlefield which the Lightbinder may teleport to at any time. When used by allies, the relic teleports the ally to the Lightbinder’s current location.

Ultimate-Aegis Sacred Barrier Creates a barrier around the Lightbinder and every ally, making them immune to all damage for a few seconds and removes negative effects.

We have listed only a few of the Lightbinder's abilities. Later you will find the detailed list and description of all the Lightbinder’s skills on our website. Please note that skill icons may change before launch!

Burning Stream

The Lightbinder is a powerful support class, they are- surrounded by a unique aura which boosts their own powers and those of their allies; increasing the party’s maximum health. Lightbinders can even transfer part of their own stats to their allies, boosting their Strength, Spirit, Luck and Valor. However, to do so requires their full concentration, so make sure the enemies are distracted during this time.

If the group has a melee fighter, the Lightbinder can surround them with a shield protecting them against powerful attacks. Other shields enable the Lightbinder to absorb damage and provide temporary immunity to control effects. Shields are extremely useful. However, the best defense is always a good offense, and the Lightbinder can certainly hold their own against an enemy!

During an attack, the Power of Light can inflict significant damage to enemies. For their finishing strike, the Lightbinder calls down a Merciful Blow from the heavens, causing the enemy to evaporate in a powerful burst of light.

Lightbinder Stance

When it comes to a team environment, inflicting maximum damage is not a requisite as other classes might excel at taking down enemies faster. Instead, it’s thanks to the Lightbinder's well-thought-out group-oriented actions and strategy that enables the party to accomplish spectacular feats. In the heat of battle, a fighter who can strengthen their allies, while shielding them from damage is indispensable.

For this reason, the Lightbinder will be an excellent choice for those who enjoy supporting their friends through long and intense battles. By picking talents and skills based on your preferred style of play, you’ll craft a competent support capable of having a massive impact on any battle!