Meet the Berserker!

" Warriors must never lose control. Everyone knows this rule: rage, like fear, leads to death. But, what did, those who fought off the first invasion hundreds of years ago feel? What did Aelion's defenders feel when the seas started to boil, and the skies darkened with hordes of aliens? Aelion warriors had little choice. They felt rage." Asterius’s Encyclopedia

Today, we’ll be taking a look at one of the classes that you can unlock later in the game – the Berserker. A ruthless warrior, the Berserker knows neither fear nor pity and cannot imagine a day without a savage battle. On the battlefield, the Berserker turns into a remorseless killing machine - ripping enemies apart with their two-handed chainsword.

The Berserker’s powerful attacks consume Rage. Outside of battle, they only have half their maximum level available but once engaged in a fight, damage inflicted upon or by the Berserker will cause their Rage to build and rapidly reach its limit. Only then will the Berserker be able to use their most effective abilities - inflicting massive damage on all who would oppose them.

This fighter is a melee expert who rushes headlong into the fight and never hides behind allies. Berserkers have a wide range of tools at their disposal that allow them to control their opponents through slows, stuns, knock backs or by pulling their opponents into range. With just a few swings of their massive chainsword, they can cripple several enemies all at once. Not all of their abilities are offensive in nature. They are also are able to reflect incoming damage and can even partially restore health. Thanks to all this, the Berserker feels comfortable facing off against single enemies or groups of opponents.

Basic Abilities

Mighty_Strike_ability Mighty Strike (LMB) - First strike in the basic combo which inflicts damage and restores Rage.

Destructive_Attack_1 Destructive Attack (RMB) - This ability has two charge levels. Clicking the button will inflict a small amount of damage to enemies in a small radius in front of the Berserker, and holding the button will make the Berserker swing their chainsword; creating a Destructive Wave around them that inflicts moderate damage to enemies in a greater radius. Regardless of the charge level, Destructive Attack leaves enemies more vulnerable to damage from the Berserker’s attacks for a short time.

These basic attacks are used in the following combos:

Fast_Attack_Ability Fast Attack (LMB+RMB) - The Berserker inflicts moderate damage and pierces the enemy with their chainsword, stunning and knocking them back.

Dissection_Ability Dissection (LMB+LMB+RMB) - Inflicts a small amount of damage to all enemies around the Berserker. Use it to gain Rage in a fight against multiple opponents.

Crushing_Throw_Ability Crushing Throw (LMB+LMB+LMB+LMB) - Inflicts moderate damage, generates an increased amount of rage and can throw a weak opponent in the air.

Fracture_Ability Fracture (LMB+LMB+LMB+RMB) - On the last hit, the Berserker leaps up and strikes the enemy, inflicting heavy damage.


Other abilities:

Torndao_Ability Tornado - The Berserker begins to spin, launching three vortexes that lift enemies into the air, inflicting heavy damage and knocking them back.

Flash_Rage_Ability Flash of Rage - The Berserker gathers strength for some time before unleashing their fury on nearby enemies, inflicting massive damage.

Battle_Frenzy_Ability Battle Frenzy - For a few seconds, this ability restores 70% of damage taken and protects the Berserker from finishing blows. For the duration of the ability, the Berserker becomes immune to slowing effects and their movement speed is increased.

Glad_Ability Gladiator (ultimate ability) - The Berserker turns into a Gladiator enveloped in flames. Only one skill is available in this state - a powerful crushing blow that decimates most opponents in a single hit. If an enemy tries to flee, the Berserker, filled with power and fury, can cover the distance in one mighty leap and take them down.

We have listed only a few of the Berserker's abilities. Later on we will reveal a detailed list and description for all of the Berserker’s abilities on our website.


No matter what talents and active skills you pick, as the Berserker you are guaranteed to inflict massive damage. While you work on your build, you can increase your attack speed, damage output or critical hit chance. One of the passive skills worth noting is Crusher, sure to appeal to fans of PvP, since it directly increases your damage dealt against other players. For those who prefer playing in a group, we recommend that you check out Battle Cry. The ability protects against slowing effects and increases the movement speed for your whole group.

These powerful warriors are capable of dealing incalculable amounts of damage in a short period of time. However, they’ll need to rest afterward– powerful attacks take time to recharge. As always, close combat forces you to monitor your health bar, so you may need to interrupt a kill chain for a few moments in order to recover your strength. The Berserker possesses high survivability, but they are not really a tank as they lack the broad range of group-enhancing abilities of, say, the Paladin. In a group, they are valued primarily for their powerful blows and brute force – enraged, the Berserker can easily incapacitate multiple enemies, thanks to their ultimate ability which recharges much faster than other similar class ultimates.


The Berserker is a great choice for players who enjoy impressive up-close-and-personal combo attacks and spectacular combat animations. If you want to turn the fight into real carnage, this class is for you!

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