New enemy: Draconids


We have gathered information about the new enemy detected on Terra. The Draconids are strong and dangerous creatures that can interfere with the development of the new planet. All immortals must read this dossier!

  • Name: Draconids
  • Species: Anthropomorphic lizards
  • Language: Unknown. A scouting probe intercepted their messages. There are many hissing sounds in their speech. Automatic decoding yielded no results due to insufficient data. The lizards often produced sequences of sounds that can be pronounced as “Shivos” and “Skarr”. Perhaps those are the names of their world or god. We need the help of immortals to decode the Draconid language.
  • Society structure: according to our observations, the Draconid society is divided into castes of a sort. The lizards on the recordings clearly belong to different groups. We have witnessed conflicts and clashes between certain groups. Perhaps we can use that to our advantage.
  • Reasons for visiting Terra: according to our observations, the only Draconids present on Terra are army units. For the time being, they are collecting resources and conducting reconnaissance. With rapid deployment modular buildings, it only takes them hours to set up a base on the planet surface, but they are clearly not designed for a full-blown development of this world. It appears that the Draconids have no intention of conquering the planet. They only need resources. We need to verify this data, and if our assumption is correct, this course of events will have to be stopped.
  • Allies: we have no information regarding the Draconids’ allies at this time.
  • Enemies: according to the footage from our scouting probes, clashes with the Phytonides have occurred, but they do not seem to be at war with them. The Draconids have made no attempts to assault the home bases of the Phytonides. All clashes took place in the Draconids’ points of interests: ancient ruins and resource deposits.


Combat capabilities

The Divine Observatory will be grateful for any information on the Draconids’ military power. For the moment, we have data pertaining to the ground forces of the potential enemy. They use various weaponry, both ranged and melee. Several heavily armed troops have been spotted. They are mobile. And pose a great danger.

Aside from the ground forces, the Draconids also employ helicopters. They are powerful units equipped with rocket weapons. There is no data on the infantry on board. We have no information about their armor and protective fields.


The Draconids are a potential adversary, well-equipped for rapid movement and redeployment. Due to insufficient data, we have yet to determine the full extent of the danger posed by this enemy. While it is possible that we can settle all issues peacefully, we must be prepared for any eventuality and consider them a serious threat.