New Features Coming in the Next Skyforge Update

The latest update for Skyforge is landing alongside the Oceanid Invasion on December 2 on PC (and December 3 on consoles), and we’re looking forward to offering an improved experience for new players!

Firstly, everyone who starts out with a new character in Skyforge after the update can play through an enhanced, streamlined tutorial that runs through Junior Godhood and beyond.

Alongside new stories unfolding in Aelion, beginners will also be able to share their experiences with a friend! For the first time, starting provinces are playable in groups of up to two or three players, so you can start and develop on your Immortal journeys together.

We’ve also made improvements to the path between Junior Godhood and different aspects of divinity. You will now experience a smoother journey, and players should no longer undergo a significant decrease in power upon completing the tutorial. Additionally, the path to further improvements is also clearer.

Finally, long-expected changes to our progression system, including the previously-added Trophy Boosters and improvements to Might and Structures, will be in place to help players catch up on the current season and get right into the endgame!