New Moon Order is live!

We’re happy to announce that the latest instalment of Skyforge is live and ready to be explored!

Thea Awaits

Prepare yourself for a trip to the uncharted territories of Thea, Aelion’s own moon – a place riddled with secrets and discoveries, not to mention undiscovered species and previously unnamed threats!

Rest assured that this is no mere scientific expedition, it’s is a matter of planet-wide security, one that has thrown a wrench in the works – low gravity.

Some may be able to turn this ‘hindrance’ into an advantage, though there is no advantage to be had by getting caught in a Thea meteorite shower!


Yes, even the weather will be against you on Thea, yet some claim that there is salvage to be gained from the fallen meteorites, so don’t hesitate to backtrack and investigate once you have found cover and survived the initial onslaught.

But be mindful of the fact that you may not the only one who is interested in what can be salvaged…

Once you deem yourself ready, you can bound your way across Thea’s dangerous surface whenever you please (provided you have god-form unlocked).

Good luck out there, Immortal!

-The Skyforge Team

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Patch Notes


The rockets have launched and Thea is open! You can now access the Moon through to the Tacit Dunes province, put your jet pack on, start gathering your Aelerium and explore the moon!

  • Localization for Thea have been added.
  • Rewards for Pantheon Wars have been applied, class talents are now discounted.
  • The races on Thea have been re-named according to the winners of the the Thea Space Program contest, congratulations!