New PvP mode Golem Battle & Up to 50% Off Strategic Items!

Today, Skyforge’s latest update has been applied to the server and is available for download by all players! If you missed it, you can check out all the Patch Notes on our patch notes page.

Along with various bug fixes, this update introduces a brand new PvP Mode – Golem Battle!

What is Golem Battle?

The idea of Golem Battle is quite simple: at opposite ends of a straight "corridor" there are two special buildings called Repeaters, each one protected by 4 towers. Players are divided into two teams of five and they will attempt to destroy the enemy Repeater without losing their own in the process. The Repeaters assist their teams by creating groups of golems that will charge forward into battle, towards the enemy Repeater. Characters that are killed in battle will resurrect by their allied Repeater after a certain amount of time has passed. Participants' prestige will be equalized so that the teams are on an equal footing.


So, what is the basic strategy here? Organizing your team and destroy all your enemies as quickly as possible! Simple enough in writing, but personal skill will be the deciding factor in this mode.

Still, there are many options available to take a more creative approach when attempting to demolish the opposing team. For example, ambushes or sudden attacks can be executed, enemies can be lured towards towers to fight under more advantageous conditions, teams can be split up to stop golems from even making it to the battle, and so on. Remember, taking unusual approaches to achieve victory can be a highly valuable tactic.

Golem Battle also has plenty of additional game mechanics that resourceful fighters can find unexpected uses for. Some are rather simple and obvious: teams receive ability charges for destroying enemy golems that can be exchanged for a strengthening aura when resurrecting by the Repeater. In addition, the amount of enemy golems you destroy will influence how quickly your team gets an especially strong golem with a regeneration aura. If that special golem didn’t quite make it, don’t worry - A boss will appear in the arena 12 minutes after the start of the match. If you defeat this boss, you will receive the Divine Form for 2 minutes! Both the Divine Form and Transport cannot be used within Golem Battles, excluding the aforementioned bonus when defeating the boss.


The “Smoke Zone” is one of the less obvious mechanics. This is an area of the map covered in a thick cloud that is impossible to see inside of when standing outside. To see who or what is inside the smoke zone, you must either go in yourself or send one of your allies in. Clearly this is an ideal location for anyone who has an interest in ambushing the enemy.

Participants can count on rare items, weapons, rings, sparks and so on to be awarded upon completion. The amount of rewards is comparable to 10 v 10 battles. A worthy prize for victory over a difficult opponent!

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