[PC|PS|XBOX] Mechanoid Invasion is Coming

From organics to synthetics, everyone wants a piece of Aelion. Now that the Phytonides are being wiped out, we have intel that the Mechanoids will soon begin their onslaught. The Mechanoid Invasion begins on May 19 for PC and May 20 for PlayStation and Xbox.


Complete seasonal challenges by sending as many machines to the scrap heap as you can. You’ll earn Invasion Pass progress points and unlock Invasion-exclusive rewards available to all players. If you purchase the Premium Invasion Pass, you’ll get double the rewards!


Unlock 20 rounds of exclusive, limited-time rewards, including a brand new Divine Form, Cyberpunk cosmetics, a Companion, plenty of resources, currency, and other cosmetic and style items along the way! You can also get a Portrait Center Element as an instant reward when you buy the Invasion Pass.


The first major boss, Secret Oculat Double, can be fought from the beginning of the Invasion, but later in the Invasion, you can also challenge the Mechanoids’ almighty leader: The Integrator, Avatar of the Mechanoid Invasion and one of the toughest enemies in the game.