Reapers' Revenge: Distortion Vectors

During the development of Skyforge, it was intended to make Distortions into a very unusual yet equally exciting raid. Even with the interesting bosses, a greater reward for the efforts by those who left victorious was required!

In Skyforge’s upcoming Reapers' Revenge update we’ll be introducing 4 new vectors, each of which will provide an increase to Prestige and Stamina as well as one of the following statistics: Strength, Luck, Valor, & Spirit.

Skyforge Distortions Vectors 1

Improving these vectors will not require spending essential resources better utilized elsewhere. Instead, simply expanding your knowledge within the Invasion atlas will suffice! Do you have an interest in having a high Spirit stat? Simply put more of your Invasion resources into earning Spirit. When you have earned enough Spirit, the corresponding vector will be available to improve.

These vectors will not appear in every player’s atlas immediately after installing the update. You will be required to rip these valuable tools from the hands, feet, claws, or vines of the deadly foes within the Distortions directly. But don’t fret! Vectors can be obtained by conquering a Distortion just a single time. As many players should know, each Distortion series consists of 4 adventures, inhabited by monsters from one army: A-Series, Oceanids, B-Series, Phytonides, C-Series, Mechanoids. In addition, the game’s first D-Series Distortion, host to the Reapers of Death, will appear in Reapers' Revenge.

The first victory over each of the Distortion bosses will unlock access to a vector in the appropriate invading army’s Atlas.

Distortion Vector
Onslaught of the Sea: Alciona & Melia Luck
Onslaught of the Sea: Lorro the Cold Valor
Onslaught of the Sea: Wise Latanu Spirit
Onslaught of the Sea: Nautilus Strength
Dangerous Greenhouse: Caryolis Spirit
Dangerous Greenhouse: Malycenia Luck
Dangerous Greenhouse: Siringe Strength
Dangerous Greenhouse: Nephelis Valor
Mechanoid Base: Secret Oculat Luck
Mechanoid Base: Scissor Saboteur Strength
Mechanoid Base: Operative Secutor Valor
Mechanoid Base: Rethiarius Commander Spirit
Bearing Death: Tribe Shukur Strength


Those who have already defeated the monsters in the Distortions will not be required to go through them again to receive their vectors. After installing the update, they will be available through the Reward system interface (F9).

Skyforge Distortions Vectors 2