Rock and Metal: Amp Up for a New Expansion on December 17!

A cold-blooded threat has emerged from the shadows, and its dark designs spell disaster for Terra. It’s going to take all your Immortal might to rage against a terrible war machine in Skyforge: Rock and Metal, the brand-new expansion launching this month!


Brave a New Adventure: Toxic Wasteland

The Draconids have established a base in the industrial wastelands of Terra. Shielded by a large dome, these scaly fiends are using powerful lasers to drill into the planet’s rocky crust. Whether they’re looking for treasure, weapons, or something entirely more sinister, intelligence shows that their dark excavation poses a threat to the whole planet.

Take out the Draconid guards, bring down the dome, and face down a heavy metal threat of the highest order in this brand-new adventure!


New Elder God Form: Aspect of Vengeance

Revenge is a dish best served at range. The Rock and Metal Update will introduce a powerful new form for players who have defeated an Invasion Avatar and earned a trophy: the Aspect of Vengeance. Available primarily for the Archer, Outlaw, and Gunner classes, this cerulean colossus is a new Elder God form equipped with pinpoint marksman abilities that can eradicate enemies before they even think about attacking.

Make sure you’re prepared to unlock the Aspect of Vengeance. Repel the currently active Oceanid Invasion and defeat Tol Monter, the monstrous subaquatic Avatar of this Invasion, to achieve your true potential as Aelion’s defender.


Skyforge: Rock and Metal will be released as a free expansion on December 17 for PC, December 18 for PlayStation 4, and December 19 for Xbox One.