Reapers' Revenge: Mount Upgrades

In the upcoming update to Skyforge, otherwise known as Reapers' Revenge, players will have the opportunity to develop the capabilities of their beloved pet or strengthen the internal workings of their mechanical transports! We’re happy to introduce the Mount Upgrade system!

Many of your favorite modes of transport in Skyforge allow you to travel great distances with ease, provide minor survival assistance in combat and, most importantly, compliment your Immortal’s image. However, there is no limit to perfection and each mount can be made more useful based on personal preference or needs. Reapers' Revenge will introduce three categories of improvement in the Transport management interface: Vehicles Health, Call Speed, and Movement speed. These upgrades will be available through the use of Victor’s Medals and will be active on all available mounts.

Skyforge Mount Upgrades 1

Having a larger variety to choose from now rewards in more ways than just filling your garage – The more mounts you have, the more upgrades become available to you! Additionally, each upgrade must be unlocked sequentially and the upgrades are not cumulative. That is to say, the available bonus will match your highest unlock for that selection!

Want to know more about what to expect in Reapers' Revenge? Watch out for more of our featured highlight explanations throughout the week!