War's Onset Arriving December 2nd!

Allods Team, Obsidian Entertainment, and My.com are happy to announce Skyforge’s next update, War’s Onset, is launching on December 2nd!
This battle-hardened update will include Pantheon Wars, the first Pantheon War Tournament, class balancing changes, additional bug fixes, and more!

Of all the updates and additional content being added in War’s Onset, here are a few highlights:

  • Pantheon Wars: The long-awaited Pantheon Wars have finally arrived! Pantheon’s can send up to 100 of their strongest warriors into the fray against another Pantheon to claim the magnificent rewards awaiting them inside Celestial Temples! These battles take place through a variety of PvE and PvP challenges that put the Pantheon’s abilities to the test.
  • Pantheon War Tournament: As Pantheon’s prepare for the Pantheon Wars, we’ll also be preparing a Pantheon War Tournament in celebration of its inaugural season! Those who successfully triumph over their rival Pantheons will receive magnificent real-world prizes for their dedication and bloodshed. Keep on the lookout for more information regarding the tournament in December!
  • Class Balancing: Included in War’s Onset are the class balance changes that bring various classes, such as the Archer, Kinetic & Gunner, closer to their other Damage counterparts. Along with direct changes to the classes themselves, certain stats will undergo reevaluation, making them much more valuable compared to the generic lay out choices!

We will elaborate more on these features leading up to the release of War’s Onset. The full list of patch notes will be made available on Skyforge.com ahead of the update.

War’s Onset continues to improve Skyforge by not only adding a major feature, but continuing to implement changes based on the feedback we receive from the community. All of our players have provided good critical feedback on both stats and classes that allowed us to take another step in class balancing in an effort to bring each onto more even footing while still allowing them to continue operating uniquely during different encounters. It’s with the communities continued assistance, Skyforge can continue to grow larger and better than ever!