The Oceanid invasion has been extended!


You battle invaders bravely, but the enemy does not relent. The Oceanids continue their advance on Aelion. Their invasion will last a week longer –– until January 15, 2020.


Use this time wisely! Try to complete as many seasonal challenges as you can to collect all rewards. Fight the champion incarnation of Tol-Monter and unlock the bonuses of the new Aspect of Vengeance. If you haven't unlocked all specializations in the Temple of Deeds yet, you can get up to six trophies from the training version of the avatar!

Don't forget to eliminate distortion bosses. Earn the maximum number of points in the Sinking Feeling event –– it has been extended as well and will end together with the Oceanid invasion. You can ensure 10 days of special rates for yourself, and if you defeat the champion incarnation of Tol-Monter, you will receive a Sailor Costume and Headwear!


Good luck!