Relentless Onslaught: D3 Distortion

In our next update, Relentless Onslaught, pantheons will be able to continue their battles against the Death Dealers in the D3 Distortion!

This time you’ll find yourself face to face with Melegh – an extremely powerful Reaper. Melegh is a dangerous opponent, requiring careful selection of classes for the adventure. Simply grouping up and devastating Melegh in a short time will not be possible as your opponent is invulnerable to attacks by characters not in the Divine Form and he can only be damaged when in a state of Rage.

During the battle with Melegh, two phases alternate, each repeating five times. This reaper can subjugate immortals to his will. What that means is, be prepared to fight your own allies or, more precisely, their enslaved bodies. After the boss accumulates 4 points of Rage, one member of the group can assume their Divine Form and fight Melegh one on one.

Melegh’s Abilities

First Phase

  • Subjugation
    Selects one opponent and divides their body and spirit. The enslaved body, subjugated to the will of the reaper, starts walking towards him obediently. If the body reaches Melegh, its spirit will be destroyed until the end of the battle, and the body will completely yield to the boss and attack its former allies. The spirit loses all its abilities, becomes the main target of the Test of Tenacity ability, and with a 2 second frequency, bursts of negative energy form in a 5-yard radius of it, inflicting damage to all characters in the area.
    Killing the enslaved body frees the spirit and gives the reaper one point of Rage. The death of the spirit takes one point of Rage away from the boss.

  • Test of Tenacity
    If there are no other characters in a 10 yard radius of the spirit, Melegh only inflicts damage to the spirit itself. The longer Melegh attacks the spirit, the greater the damage it receives. If there is at least one character in a 10 yard radius of the spirit, Melegh will inflict the same damage to everyone within a 10 yard radius of the spirit. The longer Melegh attacks several characters around the spirit, the greater the damage to them.
    If the number of targets attacked at the same time changes (just spirit or spirit and allies), the boss loses 1 point of Rage.

  • Otherworldly Pull (ability is used during the second cycle of the battle and in all subsequent cycles)
    Used if Melegh only attacks the spirit during the Test of Tenacity stage.
    A negative effect is applied to all characters for 2.5 seconds, after which they will be pulled towards the spirit. The effect is removed by dashing.

  • Necrotic Aura (used in the second cycle of the battle and in all subsequent cycles)
    Used if Melegh attacks several characters at the same time during the Test of Tenacity stage.
    A negative effect from the aura is applied to all characters in a 10 yard radius, knocking other characters away. The effect is removed by the cleansing abilities of the support classes.

  • Grave Bond (used in the third cycle of the battle and in all subsequent cycles)
    Melegh selects two characters and binds them with grave energy for 10 seconds. If the energy is red in color, the characters must stay close to each other, and if blue, they should be no closer than 10 yards away from each other.

  • Disarmament (used in the fourth and fifth battle cycles)
    Melegh takes away the weapon from one of the characters and hides it in one of three ghostly orbs. The other two conceal his Vird minions.

Skyforge D3 Distortion

Second Phase (RAGE)

As soon as Melegh has accumulated 4 points of Rage, he throws his scythe aside and starts attacking characters with a new set of abilities.
A player using the Necromancer class can pick up the scythe and, after getting divine form for 1 minute (or until they lower the boss’s health by 20%), start attacking the boss.
While in divine form, characters cannot change class and use special divine abilities.

  • Explosion
    Melegh knocks all characters back 30 yards.

  • Phantom Hand
    The reaper sends a ghostly hand after each opponent that will inflict increased damage on impact.

  • Phantom Skull
    Ghostly skulls start flying around Melegh, inflicting increased damage to characters on impact.

  • Assistants
    Virds will occasionally appear on the platform, carrying healing orbs to the reaper.

  • Basic Attack (ability is activated 15 minutes into the battle)
    Inflicts damage to a random target and leaves a permanent negative effect on them that inflicts damage over time.


All participants with at least 565.000 Prestige, 4.400 Tactical Sense, and Divine Form can join the adventure.

We are already working with the developers to find a way to enable as many players as possible to participate in this content. We did this for the past distortions and we hope to be able to provide a similar solution for the D3 Distortion.

Be sure to keep an eye on for all the latest news & updates surrounding Relentless Onslaught and more!