Relentless Onslaught: Inghar Test Area

We’re excited to reveal that a new new location known as the Inghar Test Area will be coming to Skyforge with the release of Relentless Onslaught!

Can your group of five players challenge hordes of terrifying monsters?
Will you find a way to complete all the stages of the adventure, each one escalating in difficulty?
It all boils down to your strength and courage! Gather friends, stock up on the necessary resources, and go forth into battle! The prizes that await you far outweigh the risks!

Inghar Test Area is a closed arena in which you will meet representatives of each of the known invading armies. Combat against the enemy will be carried out in stages, with more completed resulting in higher rewards. To complete a stage, your team will need to fulfill certain conditions for victory within a certain time. If a group does not do this in time or dies during the adventure they are considered defeated. It’s in your best interest to prevent this from happening because you can only enter the Inghar Test Area a limited number of times every week!

There are two modes available for completion: one for all players and one for members of a Pantheon with similar prestige levels. Your desired mode can be selected from the Globe. The components will remain the same between each version but rewards in the standard and Pantheon modes do differ.

Skyforge Inghar 1

Compete with other teams and receive rewards!

Where there are monsters, there are rewards. This rule has proven itself to be an absolute truth on Aelion. The further you go, the more impressive the rewards - Equipment Items, Credits, Sparks and lots more await those strong enough to take them! However, those reaching the top of the ratings in the Inghar Test Area will receive the most rewards. Gold Prizewinners can obtain a Battle Pegasus, Silver a unique lining color for their companion, and Bronze a Patriot Formal Armor costume with special colors!

To complete each stage, players will face difficult and interesting challenges. Selecting the right classes and teamwork will play a vital role in deciding if a worthy victory becomes an embarrassing defeat.

Skyforge Inghar 2

Control incredible phenomena!

As you fight monsters in the Inghar Test area, you will notice that sometimes, apart from regular items, they will leave emanations behind. These are very important resources that you must collect!

Emanations allow you to take control of phenomena, which can help by enabling you to create special zones in the arena for restoring health… or hinder, by increasing enemy damage.

Skyforge Inghar 3

Compete with other Pantheons!

The Inghar Test Area can help boost your Pantheon and enable you to receive unique bonuses. For teams in which all members are part of the same Pantheon there will be a special adventure mode. The difference lies not just in how difficulty is selected for the challenge (players can select it themselves, based on group member prestige), but also in the chance to continue it from a distinctive save point – the stage at which the last boss was defeated. The number of attempts for this mode is the same as for the standard mode (no more than three times per week) but Pantheons undergoing the Inghar Test Area will not use up any standard mode attempts.

Pantheon Ratings will reflect the success of quests in the Inghar Test Area. Those taking the first, second and third spots will receive Collaboration Points (these will come in handy for improving Pantheon Obelisks and Strongholds) and a unique Emblem. In addition, 5 red Battle Pegasus will be raffled among the 5 best players from the 10 top rated Pantheons (among a total of 50 players). The raffle will take place every two weeks, straight after the rating is updated.

The Inghar Test Area offers a special unique activity and amazing enviable rewards. Can you successfully complete all stages and reach the top of the ratings? We’ll know the answer to that question very soon!

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