Rock and Metal: Aspect of Vengeance

In the upcoming Rock and Metal update, all elder gods will be able to access the Aspect of Vengeance. You will need an Avatar Trophy to unlock its bonuses and new features. The gold node, for instance, will allow characters to use the ether essence of distortion generals to upgrade their equipment!

If your Temple of Deeds is not fully unlocked yet, we have good news for you: in the new update, you can get up to 6 trophies from the training version of an avatar, which will unlock all divine specializations. You will need trophies from the champion version to learn Aspects.


Aspect Abilities

The Aspect of Vengeance is armed with a bow which transforms into a cannon and can summon lightnings that strike enemies. If enemies get too close, you can create a barrier of arrows and then use it to boost your abilities.

Ability Description
pf Piercing Flare Shoots an assault bow in the selected direction and deals damage to all enemies in the area of effect.

A target affected by Storm Charge takes extra damage and creates a damage wave with a range of 5 yards around them. The effect is removed, and the god gains 2 charges for the Astral Cannon ability.

If they take damage from this ability, the target also takes damage from the arrows of Thunder Barrier if they are less than 5 yards away.
sc Storm Charge Deals damage in the area around the selected target and to all enemies near the arrows of Thunder Barrier. Applies Storm Charge to the target which deals damage over time for 5 seconds.
tb Thunder Barrier Fires 6 arrows into the sky that form a line when they fall. The line exists for 15 seconds and deals damage to all enemies that cross it, paralyzing them for 2 seconds. Strong enemies are also affected by the paralysis. When it runs out, the enemy becomes immune to this paralyzing effect for 20 seconds.
ac Astral Cannon Turns the bow into a cannon that rapidly fires energy charges.
ms Melting Shot Fires a powerful plasma projectile in the selected direction that deals damage to all enemies in the area of effect. Consumes 1 plasma cannon charge.

If the projectile crosses Thunder Barrier, its damage and area of effect are increased.
gf God's Fury A huge weapon appears in the sky and fires 4 shots at enemies within 30 yards, hitting targets with the most amount of health. After that, the weapon falls on the enemy surrounded by the biggest number of enemies and explodes, dealing damage to everyone within 30 yards.

Aspect Nodes

The best part comes when you unlock the nodes of the new aspect. They grant the character several nice bonuses and extra mobility – after unlocking the gold node, you will be able to use special sparks to upgrade your equipment. They are unique for each invasion army. You can get them in the third distortion – one spark is guaranteed when you successfully complete your first run of the day. The rest drop with a certain chance.

n1 The duration of paralysis applied by Thunder Barrier is increased by 1/2/3/4 second(s).
n2 Three subsequent projectiles fired by Astral Cannon increase the damage of all subsequent shots by 10%. The effect stacks up to 4 times depending on the level of the talent.
n3 Each rank of this bonus improves a symbol in the Emergency Maneuver category:

• Emergency Maneuver: Trap. Increases damage dealt by traps spawned by this symbol.
• Emergency Maneuver: Shock Wave. Makes the shock wave twice as powerful.
• Emergency Maneuver: Breakout. Stuns enemies in a wider area.
• Emergency Maneuver: Dodge. Increases the duration of immunity to control effects from 4 to 7 seconds.
n4 Storm Charge deals 10/20/30/40% more damage.
n5 Increases damage dealt by the aspect by 5/10/15/20%.
n6 Increases damage dealt by the following abilities by 7/14/21/28%:

• Rapid Fire (Gunner),
• Lead Carousel (Outlaw),
• Arrow Storm (Archer).
n7 Increases damage dealt by the following abilities by 9/18/27%:

• Pulse Shot (Gunner),
• Sureshot (Outlaw),
• Piercing Shot (Archer).
n8 Increases the following stats by 1/2/3:

• Mobility when dashing,
• Mobility after healing,
• Mobility when wounded.
n9 Astral Cannon deals 15/30/45% more damage to enemies affected by Storm Charge. The duration of Storm Charge on them will be refreshed.
n10 Increases all damage by 4/8/12%.
n11 If the target takes damage from Piercing Flare, the range of Thunder Barrier will be increased by 2/4/6 yards.
n12 If Piercing Flare hits enemies in an awakened sphere of the Aspect of Magic, it grants the god 1/2/3 Astral Cannon charge(s).
n13 Allows you to modify artifacts and add attributes that increase damage to an invasion army.

When you unlock this node, you will be able to gain sparks of the army in the third distortion of each series. Each spark type adds a bonus to the artifact that increases damage to the respective invasion army. Applying the same spark again will increase that bonus.

An artifact can have up to 3 attributes. There is a special spark that changes attributes. You can get one from each distortion during a single invasion.

Increases the amount of Cognition you gain by 20%.


These sparks add unique attributes to artifacts, increasing damage to enemies of the corresponding army. Minimum bonus is 2%, maximum is 9%. When applied again, sparks increase the bonus by 1%. One legendary artifact can have 3 different attributes, meaning you can deal increased damage to three different invasion armies. Epic and rare artifacts can have 2 and 1 attribute respectively. Keep in mind that modifying the artifact – adding, upgrading, or replacing attributes – costs credits.

Artifact attributes are not the only way you can increase your damage to invaders. Flavius's laboratory offers a few bonuses. To save you the effort of calculating the combined bonus of all the nodes and attributes, we added these attributes (damage to army) to the stat list.

If you want to change an attribute, you can use a Spark of Potential. You can get only four per invasion – one for each completed distortion. When applied, it can replace the selected attribute with a bonus to damage to another army. Using this spark will reduce the stat value by 1-3 points. For example, during an Oceanid invasion, you upgraded the bonus to damage to them to 9%. But when the enemy left Aelion, you decided to change this bonus. When you apply a Spark of Potential, damage to another army will be boosted instead, but the new bonus will be 6, 7, or 8%.


The new aspect will be available to all PC players on December 17!