Rock and Metal: Toxic Wasteland

Terra is a planet full of secrets and mysteries. The forces of Aelion managed to gain a foothold here despite the resistance of the Draconids. The lizards turned out to be a formidable opponent, but the immortals are not ones to easily give up. We studied them and found a way to decipher their language, which helped us successfully repel their attacks.

But now we are faced with another threat: the Draconids found something important under the planet's surface. According to our intelligence, their discovery may change the balance of power on the planet. They set up a base under an energy dome and started drilling. We must stop this research and disrupt their plans.

Toxic Wasteland

The drill site is in the old industrial zone. But right now there is nothing but scorched earth, toxic swamps, deadly fumes, and the Phytonides that feel right at home in this environment. Among all the chaos, intelligence discovered relatively safe spots where important information can be obtained. Perhaps it will shed light on the secrets of the distant past and help us find out what happened on the planet and why this place is so contaminated. But first we need to figure out how the lizards move through the contaminated area without getting harmed. You must exercise extreme caution: one false step may lead to death.


Dig Site

This base is very important to the Draconids, so we should expect heavy resistance. The lizards use the area's properties as an extra line of defense, but the dangers of the area is not the only challenge that awaits you. The base is protected by an energy dome –– find a way to disable it to get inside. Of course, the control panels are well-defended –– you will have to fight your way past numerous enemies, including officers. Perhaps they have information on how to get access to the base.


The most dangerous enemy is inside. Our intelligence reports that someone named Kerax is in charge of the base. But he is clearly not an ordinary Draconid. According to the radio transmissions we intercepted, Kerax is a sentient Draconid who melded his flesh with a giant mechanical body. If that part is true, then he is a deadly opponent all on his own, but keep in mind that the lizards are quite inventive – they must have other tricks up their sleeve.


Be ready! The challenges ahead are not easy, but we must stop the Draconids and find out exactly what they have discovered under the planet's surface. Perhaps it will help us learn more about Terra's past and gain the upper hand over our enemies. But we shall leave that to our scientists. Our job is to get inside and secure the facility. And try not to raze it to the ground: we need all the data the Draconids have collected so far.