Rock and Metal: Black Metal Weapons

The Oceanid invasion poses a great threat to our planet's safety. Our new packs with legendary class weapons will help you repel the invaders. Inspired by notable heavy metal artists, they show the true power of the immortals!

In each pack, you will find 1,000 Ether Catalysts, 7 Days of Premium subscription, instant access to the class and generation 23 legendary weapons for the Firestarter, Grovewalker, or Soundweaver.

Playing with Fire Pack Flowers of Evil Pack Rhapsody of Pain Pack
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Legendary Weapon Abilities
  • Abyss, Crucible of Chaos: The second leap of Path of Flame spawns rings that increase the critical chance of Flaming Spheres that fly through them by 60%.
  • Khella, Kiss of Death: The Soundweaver gains the Overcharge ability: it makes the current rhythm 2 times more powerful and blows up all amplifiers in 10 seconds, dealing damage to enemies.
  • Sigil, Master of Suffering: Shield of Thorns reflects 60% of damage dealt to the Grovewalker and increases damage dealt by Living Missile 3 times. Hitting enemies with Living Missile and melee attacks reduces the remaining cooldown of Shield of Thorns.

Instill awe and fear in your enemies while divine music plays for your allies!

Happy shopping!

You can only purchase the pack directly via the payment form on the website. It cannot be purchased through terminals or with in-game currency.