Skyforge Livestream #4: We’re Going on an Adventure!

Immortals! The Skyforge dev team is inviting you to join them on March 17th at 11:30am PDT (7:30pm CET) as they explore more group adventures in CBT1 during their 4th livestream, live from CBT1!


Join Skyforge’s Community Manager Michael “Spunky” Dunaway, Development Director Eric DeMilt and Lead Community Manager Drew Hahn as they continue their adventures in CBT1. They’ll ether be joining the community in a 5-player quest through Mare Sacro Monastery or will be exploring other group adventures in CBT1!

Be sure to stick around until the end of the stream for another round of community Q/As and the chance to win access to the Skyforge beta!


When: March 17th @ 11:30am PDT (GMT – 7)

Duration: ~1 hour

Miss the stream? Watch the full video below:

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