Skyforge Open Beta is Now Live!

The wait is over: Having just wrapped up Skyforge’s Early Access period, the team is extremely proud to announce Open Beta officially begins today at 7:30am PDT (4:30pm CEST) for all players, both new and old! Remember, as a reward for logging into Skyforge between July 16th and July 23rd, players will earn a unique Mechanic Costume, to be awarded in-game after the first week of OBT!

With the arrival of Skyforge’s Open Beta comes the end of our pre-launch Founder’s Packs. In their place, we’re releasing our highly anticipated Collectors Editions! These Collectors Editions come in two variations – Starter Pack and Wardens of the Wasteland. The Starter Pack provides players with 6000 Argents, 30 days of Premium, an exclusive Aelion Defender portal title, and a chest full of items to assist players as they start their journey on Aelion. The Wardens of the Wasteland edition brings with it larger quantities of the rewards found within the Starter Kit, along with instant access to the Alchemist & Knight Classes, an exclusive Night Squad Costume, a permanent Moah mount, and the Warden of the Wasteland portal title! A full breakdown of each pack’s rewards can be seen on the Collector’s Edition page.


For returning players, if you’ve already downloaded the Skyforge client, simply download the latest patch and log in! Otherwise, players that have yet to download Skyforge can do so by heading to our Client Download Page on and follow the on-screen instructions.


  • Additional text localization changes for English, French and German!
  • Implemented additional English voice over lines
  • Removed words which blocked certain names for avatars and Pantheons that should not have been blocked.

With Open Beta successfully launching, we’ll be continuing to expand Skyforge with additional updates and new features throughout the following weeks and beyond. The shear amount of positive feedback and support we’ve received during Early Access has proven to be a fantastic motivation for the team; reinvigorating their spirits and keeping them doing their best to ensure Skyforge continues striving to be a high-quality MMORPG experience. As Skyforge moves forward, we ask that you continue to provide any relevant feedback or bug reports on our forums NA/EU to ensure the team works efficiently to resolve any outstanding post-launch issues.

Without further ado,

The Skyforge Team officially welcomes everyone to Open Beta!