Skyforge - Week in Review [February 2nd]

Last week, we released our latest Dev Q/A which covered a wide range of topics submitted by the community. Here’s a look at what else we’ve recently unveiled, including concept art, weekly fanart and new scenic Skyforge wallpapers!

Skyforge Developers Answer Your Questions Part VIII

The Skyforge development team is back with the latest round of answers to the community’s questions! This time they tackle questions pertaining to character creation, player trading, progression, water content and more!


Skyforge Wallpapers: Aelion Landscapes

To help spruce up your desktop we recently shared five brand new scenic Skyforge wallpapers with the community!


Concept Art – The Kraken

One of the deadliest creatures the army of the sea commands, the legendary Kraken possesses unimaginable strength. It’s been said the Kraken’s tentacles are capable of tearing a man in half!


Concept Art – The Polearm

In this edition of the Skyforge armory we introduced the Polearm! Outfitted with a razor sharp transforming tip, the polearm enables its wielder to pepper their enemies with a barrage of deadly jabs and slices.


Fan Art of the Week

Community member, Viera, returns this week to bring us another impressive depiction of a fellow immortal in Skyforge!


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