Skyforge's Creative Director talks High-End Content

In every MMORPG, sooner or later the players are going to ask, "Why?", "What am I progressing my character for?", "What's next?", "What is the ultimate goal here?” In Skyforge, the player's primary goal is to transform themselves from an immortal into a god –opening up new paths, challenges and exciting new opportunities to explore. It also sets players on a path to new goals – goals situated on the high-end of progression. These high-end goals include:

  1. Taking the next step on the path of divinity. This might sound a bit vague, since we can't reveal all the details of what's waiting for players beyond becoming “a god” yet. Here’s a hint though: this step will make the player as different from the lesser gods as the lesser gods are different from the ordinary immortal. By taking this step, these players will have access to new abilities and activities, which were previously unavailable to lesser gods and mere immortals.

  2. Bringing your Pantheon to the top and staying there, being the best.

To achieve these goals, you will need to participate in new activities and collect special rewards. These will allow you to hold your own against the avatars of gods who command the Invasions against Aelion and against competing Pantheons.


What are some of these activities?

Platoon: Similar to classic raids, just a bit more straightforward. This is a 10-player activity which tasks groups to take on fearsome enemies and be rewarded with Epic Rings!

Anomalies: This activity takes place across huge open areas and involves groups of 5 players fighting enemies next to strange anomalies. Furthermore, within each open area, several different groups can be present at the same time. Each team must stay close to its designated anomaly and must pull enemies towards their anomaly and eliminate them - the more enemies you kill while minimizing your downtime, the better your reward will be. Groups will compete to pull wandering mobs close to their anomaly for the kill credit. From these anomalies, you can obtain Epic Trophies – a new kind of equipment that will become available to you once you’ve become a lesser god.

Distortions: This activity is for groups of 10 players that enjoy fighting against particularly strong opponents. In Distortions, we’ve removed all unnecessary distractions: basically, it's an arena with only one, albeit extremely difficult, encounter. We expect it might take players a long time to perfect your strategy and conquer them. There are many distortions, and they are arranged in a sequence – after defeating your first opponent, you gain access to another one. These encounters are unique, and each of them will require maximum effort and mastery of the divine skills. The reward for completing a Distortion will be an Epic Weapons!

Anomalies, Distortions, and adventures for Platoons act as a way to prepare new gods for activities that will help them reach their high-end goals.

Gods Invasions

To move along the path of divinity, players will need to take part in the defense of Aelion and withstand new invasions from hostile otherworldly gods. At the start, characters will only be able to fight in simple defensive operations, but once they’ve gained enough strength, they can board the invading ships and challenge the avatars leading each invasion. Fighting an avatar is exceptionally difficult - exceeding even the boss encounters found in Distortions.

Exemplary players who’ve have defeated the invasion forces can then make their way to the final battle against the commanding avatar. Winning this encounter will complete the challenge, stop the invasion and reward the victors with special trophies, titles and honors. These rewards are the bricks which help pave the path towards the next stage of divinity – one of the crowning achievements of the character, and each victory over an avatar is a milestone on that path.

Pantheon Wars are for those who would like to pit their Pantheon’s skills against other rival Pantheons. Once a Pantheon is powerful enough they can partake in these wars by first selecting a division, where they will compete against other Pantheons.

At first, there will be only one division, but as the number of capable Pantheons grows, so too will the number of divisions. Each division is divided into several leagues, with players starting out with the easiest one and move into the next one once they’ve reached the highest rank. Every week, we decide who is going to fight who, and when the battles are scheduled to take place.

skyforge Guilds

Pantheon Wars are divided into 2 separate but simultaneous PvE and PvP battles. Each of which requires 50 players to begin. These battles take place in several arenas, with the winners and rewards being determined by the results from both types of encounters. The rewards are components exclusive to this activity which can unlock even more resources in the Ascension Atlas.

By participating in these battles and eliminating the invading forces attempting to take over Aelion, players will raise their Pantheon to the top of the leaderboards. Leaderboards which span all the Pantheons in a single game territory! The Pantheon with the best fighters will gain maximum Prestige, and will be presented with more opportunities to participate in pivotal and engaging battles.

The road to the top is full of challenges, but overcoming them on the way to your goal of becoming a powerful god is a truly exciting adventure!

This is just some of the information we have to share on Skyforge’s high-end activities and we look forward to sharing more details about these features in the near future!