War’s Onset Now Live!

We’re happy to announce that War’s Onset is now live and available for download! All players may begin updating their client to experience all of the new changes Skyforge has to offer.

With War’s Onset, players will experience a very exciting addition to Skyforge’s content lineup - Pantheon Wars! These massive battles are split into seasons, each lasting 3 months, allowing all Pantheon’s to finally discover which among them is truly the greatest by competing in various PvP and PvE challenges.

War’s Onset officially kicks off the qualification period for Pantheons, allowing them to secure their ranking in the upcoming tournament!
The tournament will offer real world prizes in the form of a $15,000 starting pool split between both the NA & EU Servers. As the tournament goes on, the prize pool will continue to grow as more of the special tournament packs are sold!
Players will find Pantheon Wars themed Costumes and Titles, Tactical Sense Replicators, Variatrons, and more available to them through these Special Tournament Packs. Proceeds earned through these pack sales will be added to the prize pool.

Along with Pantheon Wars, there are many other changes including the long-anticipated class rebalances which changes the functionality of many classes while maintaining their potential and increasing the potency of others!

War’s Onset Recap:

If you didn’t catch them the first time, you can view the entire list of changes and bug fixes in the War’s Onset Patch Notes.

Everyone on the Skyforge team is more than thrilled to finally release this content as it’s the result of a lot of feedback and testing that will continue to be improved upon moving forward. With the Pantheon War Tournament beginning later this month, Skyforge will experience its first massive internal conflict as each Pantheon competes for not just riches that arrive with victory, but fame all across Aelion! Your continued support throughout these past months has been a welcome occurrence and we hope to see this commitment stretch far past year’s end and beyond!