Skyforge the Board Game


Our future Kickstarter project is a board game game that revolves around the story of multiple Invasion campaigns!

The base game will include four Invasions: Phytonids, Draconids (who said they could not invade anything), Oceanids and Reapers. (More invasions incoming for our backers!)

A campaign can be played with any number of players between 2 and 5, 1 player will always be required to take on the role of the Invasion Avatar.

Gameplay Systems

We considered for a long time using a D20 system, though finally decided it would be easier to balance the classes and the game as a whole by creating a limited amount of spells and actions per class. We took inspiration from our Turn-based version of Skyforge shared with you in 2016.


All 18 classes will be available to play, each with their own unique mini-figure and class sheet displaying their relevant stats. For Example, a Witch won’t have the same strength as a Berserker!

Main stats will be shown at the top of the sheet :

  • Speed (for movement)
  • Health
  • Faith
  • Defense
  • Floatation

Secondary stats (used to check if you can perform a particular skill) are shown at the bottom of the sheet:

  • Knowledge
  • Willpower
  • Wisdom
  • Strength

Mini-Figures have been specially designed to have features specific to that class:

  • The Necromancer: Will constantly play the same sound once you get it out of the box!
  • The Soundweaver: Will play some heavy EDM if you squeeze it between your fingers.
  • The Witch: Is made out of Catnip (don’t ask why).
  • The Berserker: Has a real PVC chainsaw running, sadly we couldn’t find a way to turn it off.

More details about these figures on our Kickstarter!

Divine Form

Divine Form is the ultimate powered-up form of your class. Allowing you to deal additional damage and providing a huge 500% bonuses to all your stats.

In order to activate your Divine Form, you will need to collect followers who provide you with faith. The formula for how much faith you receive per follower is very simple.


Divine form cost is 250 Faith and is activated after the player allies there class with Aelion's Gods by singing their favorite song: I'm so Divine.

Obtaining Faith

In order to gain more faith Immortals can sing the song I'm so Divine at any point of their turn and they will receive 1 faith per 10-second interval.

How to perform a special action such as swimming?

  • Be sure that you want to perform the action “swim”
  • Argue with your team about the benefits of the action
  • Clean your fingers before checking your Class sheet (greasy fingers are your worst enemies)
  • Roll a D20, compare your result to your stat Strength then reduce the floatation value of your character
  • Drown
  • Grab some food for your team as they will have to play without you for 2 hours.

Invasion Campaigns

A campaign is a long story including various missions, successful completion of a mission is dependent on a player completing a set number of specific mission objectives. The more additional objectives completed the better the rewards.

Each Class begins the game with 3 different skills that can be used by spending action points! Completing a mission will also reward your action points and some experience points that can be used to traverse the Atlas and unlock new skills!

You automatically complete every mission if you bribe the Avatar (We’re sure he will be willing to sell you a pass!)

During missions to defend Flavius’ lab, failure will result in being unable to obtain rewards related to Flavius’ lab from any other missions during that campaign.

Playing a Round

A round will be split between the Immortals and the Avatar.

The Immortals always start the round first.

  • When a turn starts you may use any skills from your Class sheet at no cost, you should focus on and coordinate skills that provide bonuses for the whole round!
  • All classes start with 6 action points (unless you bribed the Avatar?), moving consumes 2 points and can be only done once (except for Monk and Assassin- more details on their class sheet ), you have 4 points remaining to attack, block, push, inspect or use your skills! (Note that few abilities need 6 points to be used!)
  • Before moving you can equip the weapon or armor of your choice: remember that you won’t be able to change it during the Invasion Avatar’s turn!
  • Once your moves and attacks are complete, flip your hero sheet to confirm that your turn is over!

The Avatar will then being their round:

  • The player controlling the Invasion Avatar will have various monsters to play with and can play them in the order of their choice. While a few monsters have skills, small monsters are unable to use skills.
  • When starting a mission the Invasion Avatar will draw 6 random Invasion Cards that they can use at any time during the game. These cards can boost the monsters or inflict various effects on the players.
  • The Avatar can draw new cards at the end of their turn and should always have 6 cards at the beginning of a new turn.

Note that you can play with more than 6 cards if you want the game to be difficult!