War’s Onset: Class Rebalancing

One of the most highly anticipated changes arriving in War’s Onset is the rebalancing being done to Skyforge’s various classes to help bring them more in line with each other as well as reevaluate how some of the classes function. Establishing what needs to be changed isn’t nearly as black and white as some may expect, and the developers have been actively collecting statistics on each class (Popularity in each activity, PvP Victories, completion speed, deaths, convenience, and so on) since the start of Skyforge.

Popular Classes

Most prominent is the obvious demand and popularity of specific classes over others. In PvE, for example, Knights are by far the preferred Tank role while Kinetic or Berserker are chosen more frequently to fill in the Damage slots. Skyforge was created with the principle of equal demand for classes in all activities, so it was decided to make the classes that are in lower demand more useful for a larger variety of content.

Skyforge War’s Onset Class Rebalancing 1

To get started, let’s look at what makes the Kinetic popular, as it’s very straightforward. In terms of inflicting damage, it’s one of the strongest and, most importantly, simplest classes while at the same time providing useful support capabilities. Kinetics inflict their main damage within a short window (Burst), making them ideal for enhancements such as Injection, Blessing of Light, Energy Shower, and so on. These may only last for a short duration but if used when the Kinetic inflicts maximum damage, it proves very effective. Currently, there are no equal classes in terms of ability to inflict such high damage in a short space of time and make good use of secondary stats (strength, valor, luck, and spirit). There will be changes introduced that will bring the classes closer together based on these parameters. Two notable changes include:

  • Adding bursts to classes that did not have them prior, and reducing the amount of damage for classes where they were very strong (Their average Damage-Per-Second will not change).
  • Adding a dependence on certain secondary and additional stats to the skills and talents of each class.

In addition, by adding new mechanics to classes and balancing the parameters themselves, we can make some stats more effective than they currently are.

Support Classes

The capabilities of the Alchemist and Lightbinder will be undergoing changes, resulting in some of their abilities having the same efficiency as they do now while others will become more effective. For instance, the mechanics of the Alchemist and Lightbinder’s auras will be changed. Luck, Strength, Spirit, and Valor on allies will be increased by a certain percentage of the Alchemist or Lightbinder’s Spirit.


  • Stimulant Injection: Might will be added as usual while Luck, Strength, Spirit and Valor will increase by a certain percentage depending on the Alchemist’s Spirit and Luck.
  • An additional weapon will reduce the recovery time of Alchemic Terminal depending on the percentage of the Discharge Recovery stat (depending on the quality of the weapon).
  • A Main weapon with bonuses to Stimulant Injection will reduce its recovery time by several seconds (depending on the weapons quality) upon each Impulse Charge activation. Charges with the Double Discharge symbol will also be counted.
  • The Biotrap ability will increase damage by a certain percentage for every “several percent” of the Alchemist’s Critical Hit Chance stats.
  • The Accelerated Synthesis talent will restore more Catalyst by a certain percentage amid regular hits of Acidic Solution and by a higher percentage amid critical hits.
  • The Series of Experiments talent will enable the use of the following two abilities for free with a chance equal to the Alchemist’s Critical Hit Chance stats.

Skyforge War’s Onset Class Rebalancing 2


  • Flood of Light: Luck, Strength, Spirit and Valor will increase by a certain percentage of the Lightbinder’s Spirit and Valor for every level of the effect.
  • The Warden’s Gift talent will reduce Sacred Barrier recovery time in accordance with Discharge Recovery stat.
  • Rain of Fire talent: Now every “several percent” of the Discharge Recovery stat will reduce the charge recovery time of Unstable Shield by 1 second.
  • The Blessing of the Sun ability will increase damage by a certain percentage and increase with the Temper stat.
  • The Incarnation of Light ability will increase damage by a certain percentage, increase further based on the Lightbinder’s Temper, and reduce damage received based on Temper as well.

Skyforge War’s Onset Class Rebalancing 3

While this did not go into extensive detail, we hope that this provided you with a general overview of what to expect from the changes and all continued balancing patches moving forward! Once the full list of changes arriving in War’s Onset are made available, you’ll be able to take a peek at what each class will have to offer. Your feedback on classes goes a long way so we encourage all of you to continue providing valuable information about the classes as necessary!