ALERT: The Phytonides Invade!

It is with a solemn, yet steadfast heart that the inhabitants of Aelion pay heed to the warnings of the Celestial Fortress. Warnings of encroaching hostile alien invasionary forces, identified as emanating from the Phytonide home world. Early calculations place the invasion forces on a direct course to reach Aelion within just two days’ time, leaving the inhabitants of Aelion scrambling to prepare.

Aelion’s tranquil nature could not be reliably maintained forever. The forces that seek to destroy us have been residing on our very home for some time, waiting for their chance to gain the upper hand. These refuges have greatly disrupted Aelion’s way of life, spreading fear and doubt, yet their disruptive influence has been relatively contained thanks to the ongoing efforts of Aelion’s Immortals. During Aeli’s reign, invasions were quickly eradicated prior to posing any significant threat. However, with Aeli now gone, Aelion no longer possesses this luxury and can only look towards its inspiring immortals to face the challenges that await.


Phytonides are much more than mere plants and are known for rapidly evolving based on their current needs. Eliminating all traces of these invaders is essential in preventing their inevitable spread across the planet. The results of this Invasion will play a hand in deciding Aelion’s fate and confirm whether or not these young gods are truly capable of protecting their home.

We have provided the guidelines to ensure you have the necessary Preparations & Knowledge to combat this menace; the rest falls upon your shoulders. We wish the best of luck to all Immortals and citizens of Aelion in their preparation for the decisive battles that lie ahead.