Boatload of Trouble

Attention Immortals

Hey Immortals! Things have been a bit crazy these past few weeks, as lives all across the world have been greatly affected by the ongoing pandemic. For now, one of the best things you can do to help yourself and others stay safe is to simply stay at home. Thanks to the world of online gaming, this does not have to prevent us from enjoying our adventures together! We may play at home, but we stand united!

The upcoming Fifth Anniversary Expansion is just around the corner, and with it comes the inclusion of Nightmare+ Challenges. An unrivaled level of difficulty and peril for group adventures, where even the most seasoned of veterans will be tested. More than ever, you will need to look to your fellow Immortals to help you through these trials. In order to prepare for what’s to come, now is the time to make our final stand against the Reapers.

Team up and take sail!

The Reapers have retreated to their flagships but won’t hesitate to deal all the damage they can before leaving Aelion’s orbit. We need you to unite your strike force, infiltrate their flagships, and take them down from the inside. Remember, time is of the utmost importance. We must stop them from attempting these last-ditch attacks. Immortals who accomplish this mission in record time will be rewarded with a new legendary weapon from the upcoming Fifth Anniversary Expansion!

How do I participate?

The mission is simple: Complete the Flagship of the Reapers of Death (Warm-Up) Adventure as quickly as possible.

Once you have accomplished the adventure, one of your team will be required to report your victory for evaluation via the relevant Discord server.

The event will run until the end of the Reaper invasion, then the fastest team from each region (PC - NA, PC - EU, PC- RU, PS4 - NA, PS4 - EU, Xbox will be selected as our champions, resulting in 6 winning teams.


What are the rules?

  • The adventure must be completed with an S Ranking.
  • To be eligible for the reward, a member of your team must submit your fastest completion time to the boatload_of_trouble channel of the relevant Discord server, along with your in-game names and region.
  • The submission must be in the format of an unedited screenshot clearly displaying mission time and overall results, or a publically uploaded video of the mission run.
  • If you manage to achieve a quicker completion time than an earlier submission, you may delete the earlier submission and resubmit your new score.
  • If multiple teams submit the same completion time, the earliest submission will take precedence.

What are the Rewards?

The 5 members of each of the winning teams will be rewarded with one of the brand new legendary weapons from the upcoming Fifth Anniversary Expansion!

No doubt, these weapons will help as you battle your way through the overwhelming odds of the Nightmare+ Challenges!

Let’s do this Immortals! Stand united, face the Reapers, and tear their ships from the sky!