Community Challenge: August Bounty

Welcome back, Immortal. Thanks to your stellar boss-smashing antics during the previous invasion challenges, the Gorgonide and Mechanoid threats are now mostly neutralized and containable, giving us the perfect opportunity to initiate brand new challenges for you a little closer to home.


On that note, our next challenge will be community-wide and takes place in the Phoreus Test Area from August 8th until September 8th, with a full server reward (the size of which depends on the milestone you reach as a community before the end of August) and an exclusive bonus prize for those of you who complete a sneaky sub-task during the main event. So, grab your sweat-pants, charge up your camera and get ready for some exercise – here are the tasks, the milestones and their respective prizes:


Task: Complete the Phoreus Test Area

  • Completions Goal – Tier 1: 300 / Server Wide Reward: 4,000 Victor Medals
  • Completions Goal – Tier 2: 500 / Reward Increases To: 6,000 Victor Medals + 3 Day Premium + 5 Stims
  • Completions Goal – Tier 3: 800 / Reward Increases To: 8,000 Victor Medals + 7 Day Premium + 10 Stims 

NOTE: Rewards are not cumulative. For example, if the community completes the test area 500 times before the event expires, the entire server shall receive the Tier 2 reward. For best results, aim for Tier 3!

Optional Sub-Task:

Record and upload a video of your own completion to Facebook or YouTube using these tags and title: [Skyforge] [Phoreus Vlog] [YourCharacterName] [YourRegion].

  • Individual Reward: 10 additional Stimulants and an exclusive Colour of the Hipster Costume!


And so, the stage is set. It is up to you to work together as a community and push for the top-prize before the month of August ends. With a whole month at your disposal, there should be plenty of time to reach the maximum payout (and to create your video masterpiece for the bonus reward).


Good luck out there, Immortal!

-The Skyforge Team