Monthly Challenge: Aelerium Monster

Emergency broadcast! An unexpected attack from the creatures of Thea have resulted in high levels of chaos and panic amongst our researchers. In response to these unforeseen events, the Skyforge Team will temporarily become your quest givers in order to help remedy this problem. While we are unsure of what provoked the initial attacks, it is up to us to not only discover the answer but also save more lives from being lost to the hazards of our own treacherous moon. That is where YOU come in!

Starting on the 1st of June, we humbly request that all able-bodied Immortals prepare themselves for a Kariax Cluster culling, enough to drive the beasts back and give our Thea explorers and scientists the protection they need to continue their research unimpeded. Naturally, such a dangerous task will not be without its worthwhile bounty.


If you’d like to get your hands on a black and a black & orange bikini swimsuit then simply venture forth to Thea and slay 300 Kariax Clusters (per server) before the 30th of June. This should reduce the threat long enough for our investigation to complete and give our research team enough ‘space’ to continue their work. Naturally, kills from before the start date and after the end date will not count. On the same note, we will be able to check the kill-count ourselves once the event is concluded. However, there are presently no in-game means for players to count the kills, thus you will need to handle that aspect manually. No physical proof required – simply slay the required number of specific enemies within the allotted time to be eligible.

Furthermore, it would seem that new threats and challenges like this will rise up on a monthly basis, so be sure to stay tuned each month for brand new challenges and rewards! Good luck out there, Immortal.

-The Skyforge Team