Monthly Challenge: Regional Ransack

Emergency broadcast! Aelion is under attack once more – requesting assistance from all able-bodied Immortals as soon as possible!

Thanks to your stellar work repelling endless alien threats and global invasions over the course of time, the enemy factions of Aelion have been forced to adopt brand-new tactics in their bid to conquer our world. As you may already know, this has recently resulted in regional invasions across various zones in an attempt to puncture our back-line defences – an act we cannot allow.

From October 2nd to October 29th, Ianna is requesting that all Immortals assist in the defence of Aelion by participating in regional invasions (350 in total) across Lanber Forest, Veines and the Diaphran Archipelago, in return for the Golden Lotus mount. Are you ready? Are you willing? Then brace yourself for the brutal battles ahead.


No physical proof required – simply take part in the required number of regional invasions (within the above-mentioned zones of your choice – Lanber Forest, Veines and Diaphran Archipelago) within the allotted time and get your epic reward!

Time is of the essence, Immortal. You can be sure that more challenges like this will be heading your way in the near future, so put those invaders in their place quickly and effectively. Good luck out there!

August Monthly Challenge Rewards

Congratulations Immortals!

You did a great job and dominated the Phoreus Test Area in our August Skyforge Monthly Challenge. You cracked the Tier 3 goal and completed the Adventure over 800 times, which earned the whole server the following reward:

  • 8,000 Victor Medals + 7 Day Premium + 10 Stimulants 

The rewards will be sent this week!

-The Skyforge Team