Pantheon Wars – Conclusion

Drop your weapons, immortal – the battle is over and the Pantheon Wars have now been resolved, meaning there is no need for further god v god bloodshed… at least for now!

Before re-joining the fray, we’d like to give a respectful salute to all the immortal men and women who braved the dangers of Aelion’s arenas, especially those who conquered their way toward top-spots. In return for their valiant efforts, these top-3 winners will be able to choose a Hyperion Module from the 5 new ones – a worthwhile prize for the prowess they have showcased during the contest.

New modules:

Perfect Cover 2.0 Auxiliary Support Module
For the lease duration: removes the shared cooldown limitation for the Perfect Cover module.

Final Verdict Auxiliary Support Module
For the lease duration: improves the Verdict ability, increasing the activation rate of its effects by 50%.

Classifier Storage Module
For the lease duration: there is a 10% chance that bonuses on equipment received will be 20% greater (the bonus cannot exceed the maximum available stats for its quality). The effect stacks with the bonus from Luck Catcher.

  • Applies to jewelry and Stones of Power.
  • Does not affect the equipment already owned.
  • Only one such module can be leased at a time.

Crusade Support Module
For the lease duration: increases the efficiency of Divine Healing by 25%, and prolongs immunity to control effects granted by Willpower by 20%. It also reduces the cooldown of both abilities two times.

Terminator Support Module
For the lease duration: protects against finishing strikes. Your critical attacks on other immortals or strong monsters have a chance of reducing the remaining cooldown of divine ultimate abilities by 3 seconds.


So, who gets to walk away with these modules? Well, without further ado, here are your Pantheon War winners!

1st – Exile

2nd – Elysium

3rd – Chromatic

Congratulations to all the winners and another nod of respect to all participants!

NOTE: If you are on the above list, please get in touch with support and inform us of which module you wish to claim as your prize!

Whilst we wish there could be everlasting peace between all immortals here on Aelion, we have no doubt that more Pantheon Wars definitely loom on the horizon. Rest well, eat hearty and keep your blade sharp – war will find you soon enough. Until then, we tip our hat to all who took part this season and look forward to seeing how you fare in the next!

-The Skyforge Team