Pantheon Wars Season 2 - The winners

The second Pantheon Tournament season in Skyforge has drawn to a close. For three and a half months, participants have competed against each other to see who was worthy enough to occupy the top spots in the Space Program ranking and lead the expedition of immortals to Thea. You have achieved this - the trip has its green light and the Templars are busy right now getting the moon base ready. We would like to thank everyone who participated from the first to the last battle!

Distribution of Celestial Temples

The points have been calculated and we are ready to announce the winners of the second season of the Pantheon Tournament!

Elysium came in third. Elysium members will receive control over an Aelerium field and can select one of the fourteen talents that will require less Aelerium-9.

Legion Of Archangels earned second place. Their contribution to the preparations for the trip to the stars is hard to underestimate! The reward will be a major Aelerium field and the choice of two talents.


The winner of the second Tournament season in Skyforge is Exile! Its members moved confidently towards victory and were able to hold up against the others. They will get the right to determine three classes that will obtain their desired talents at a discounted price! In addition, the Pantheon will receive the largest Aelerium-9 field on Thea. Congratulations!


The time has come to sit down and decide how we want the future of Skyforge to look!
Six class talents, which you can exchange for Aelerium-9, will be 90% cheaper! Which talents? It's up to the Exile, Legion of Archangels and Elysium pantheons to decide, but everyone can have their say!

Go to the Aelinet thread of this news and vote for any class you like! Who knows, perhaps you will influence the decision of the winners.

The commanders of the top 3 pantheons have just under a week to agree on the list of talents and submit it to the developers! Confer and then send your reply to support by April 4th, 8am PDT.

The first groups of immortals can travel to Thea in April and the Tournament participants will receive their Aelerium-9 catalysts (replicators) in the next update. If you want to read more about Thea, check out our preview article Get ready, there's not long to wait!