New Moon Order: Thea

Soon you’ll be able to explore the vast land of Thea. Get an early look at the Class Talents, Quests and the environment that await young gods on the moon and stay tuned for more details on Thea, coming in the next days and weeks.

Thea is the largest of the three Aelion satellites. It is with this satellite that Aelion's expansion in space begins. But a flight to Thea is not a simple scientific expedition. It is of extreme importance: intelligence reports that there are enemies on that moon. So do not think it is going to be a walk in the park. A new challenge awaits for immortals — combat the enemy in low gravity.


Almost anyone that desires it can visit Thea, as the region will become available after the achieving your divine form! Moreover, the difficulty level and rewards will always be relevant to your character.

Aelerium Mining

Thea is rich in Aelerium, a valuable resource that can be used to unlock new class talents.

You can obtain Aelerium-9 by killing special monsters, exchanging local valuables and, of course, by completing quests!



There will be plenty for immortals to do on Thea. It is after all a satellite inhabited by enemy armies and not a holiday resort! Clashes with Mechanoids and other dangerous enemies await you. There are 4 types of quests on Thea:

  • Basic — classic quests from NPC who need help from immortals. You can complete these as many times as you like. Reward: credits, knowledge of enemies.
  • Public — defeat a difficult boss, repel a Mechanoid attack on one of the Aelerium-9 fields or get together with other immortals and attack the enemy base yourselves! Public quests have already proved popular among players in the Antean Wasteland, but here there will be even more such quests! Reward: credits, knowledge of enemies.
  • Weekly — once a week you will receive an extra reward for completing several public quests. Including Aelerium-9!
  • Special — Thea is not a place where you can just calmly hunt monsters, thinking everything is going to go to plan. Not at all. Strange signals, components of unknown origin literally falling from the sky, groups of monsters invading... Thea is unpredictable. Reward: unknown.


Unfriendly Environment

Operations on the surface of the moon are made more difficult by the low gravity and difficult weather conditions. You may get used to the first one (and even learn how to use it to your advantage!), but meteorite showers present a real danger.

Be careful of ending up in the area during such a shower, but move towards it as soon as the meteorites have landed. Some consider these stones to be very valuable. The main thing is to be careful - you are not the only one interested in meteorites.


We look forward to your arrival in Thea. See you soon, immortals!

Thea Impressions