Reapers of Death Approaching Aelion

Following the successful defense against the Gorgonide’s assault, Aelion is immediately faced with a new threat – The Reapers of Death. While we are confident that this is not merely another bluff orchestrated by our enemies it does not negate the severity of the enclosing threat. Nevertheless, we call upon all Immortals to take up arms and continue the defense against the Invasions!

Throughout the Invasion players will be capable of advancing their new Invasion Atlas, participating in new Invasion Adventures, competing in Operations, and obtaining additional Victor’s Medals. Successfully completing many of the Invasion related activities will provide players with tokens. As certain token milestones are reached, Sparks of that specific faction are awarded which, in turn, are used to advance in the section of the Ascension Atlas dedicated to the Reapers of Death.

Skyforge Reaper Invasion

Play Skyforge today and defend Aelion from the ghastly Reapers of Death!