Week in review – The Pantheon Wars – 01/15/2016

It’s finally Friday and time for our week in review! It’s the last week before we enter the rated C distortions, so we expect guilds to practice a lot. With the Phytonide avatar sighted, it will be hard for players to decide whether to fight mechanical colossi or to use some Weed-B-Gone. Whatever they decide on, it will be exciting!

With Exile, Legion of Archangels and The Real Gods in the top 3, nothing has really changed in the Space Program Ranking, though we can expect some changes in the Top 10 ranking as Myrmidons has been battling to maintain their rating with both Divinity'S Reach and Filth And Debauchery throughout the past week, leaving a very small point difference between them!

Midgard has been doing quite well for themselves on the PvP ladder, slowing climbing their way to the top over the past week, while some of the other top contenders seem to have taken a hit.

Is your Pantheon actively competing in the Pantheon Wars? Contact Toasty on the Aelinet to have a brief comment featured in this news about your Pantheon's continued plans and goals!

We call upon all players to thoroughly prepare for the rated C distortions! If you could use some help, visit the Phytonid avatar to get some ideas on how to spread terror and fear… Stay tuned for next week’s review of Skyforge Pantheon Wars!