Week in review – The Pantheon Wars – 01/22/2016

A new Friday means a new update on the Pantheon Wars!

We've moved onto Stage III, with the previous one resulting in some of the premiere Golden Temples changing hands:

  • Affinity, taking advantage of Superi's recent merge, state swooped in, nabbing themselves the fourth place Golden Temple, leaving their previous sixth temple open for the taking. Will this move to a higher temple end favorably or merely backfire, leaving them with a smoldering wreckage that once brought them glorious rewards?

  • At the bottom of the Golden League, Eterna, no longer content with being dead last, took the fight to Vasthta Nerada, conquering them and choosing to move into a new home, higher on the tier. The #8 temple remains vacant, waiting for a new owner to seize its riches.

pic Affinity: "Time is of most importance"
"Joining a Pantheon War requires lots of effort, planning ahead, and commitment, especially when you consider the fact that "time" is of most importance when taking over a pantheon in the higher-tier. Of course, there are risks involved, but as they say, the bigger the risk, the higher the reward it yields. When the opportunity presents itself, we shall strike without hesitation. We will definitely continue walking along this path that we have taken as one strong family."

We wish all Pantheons the best of luck as we move onto Stage III!