Winter Advent Calendar

Tis the season of giving, Immortals; and we are excited to celebrate with an entire month of fun giveaways and holiday festivities! Snow is falling, friends are calling, and the Winter Advent Calendar event will make you say "WOO HOO"!

All the way up until Christmas day (from December 3 to December 25), you can participate in daily holiday activities, complete with exciting rewards for each and every one! Who doesn’t love a neatly wrapped gift? Well, with the Advent Calendar you get 25 chances at some pretty cool stuff.

Snap some pics, write some stories, and share your Christmas spirit! There’s an event for everyone to show off their creative chops and just have a merry ol’ time!


How does it work?

Every day of December you can expect Facebook and Discord to be updated with a brand-new daily event. Each daily event will begin at 09:00 CET (12 AM PST) and end at 08:00 CET the next day (11 PM PST on the same day), with winners being announced the following morning. You’ll especially want to be ready for the weekend events, which will last 2 days and offer a larger reward to the winners!

December is primed to be an exciting month with plenty to do! From the in-game Winter Celebration, new winter gear and cosmetics to daily Advent Calendar activities! We’re looking forward to a holly jolly holiday celebration with each and every one of you. Let’s make Christmas on Aelion this year especially memorable!