Equipment: Amulets & Trophies

With Open Beta now fully underway, both old and new players are getting a chance to explore the most distant corners of Aelion and reap the treasures found far beyond the reach of mere mortals. While traversing the road to divinity, Immortals are faced with numerous challenges that reward new types of equipment and open up exciting new adventures to undertake. A portion of this equipment comes in in the form of special Amulets and Trophies, designed to further empower an Immortal’s abilities in the defense of Aelion! With this in mind we’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to some of the unique benefits these items can bring to your character!


Amulets will be the first of the new gear you acquire in Skyforge and, like rings, you can have up to 4 equipped at a time. These item slots are initially inaccessible, however you will automatically unlock your first slot once you are given and complete a mission and gain your first amulet – each additional slot can then be opened by obtaining 100 Ether Crystals. At the appropriate prestige level, Ether Crystals themselves are quite abundant, and are earned naturally while defeating enemies found in Regions and Adventures. Similar to rare weapons, Amulets provide direct damage boosts to certain skills along with providing an increase to your character’s overall Stamina. These attributes result in Amulets being class specific and allow for more options when choosing how to customize your character.


Each character also comes with two equipment slots for Trophies, which start to drop in the form of Trophy parts at a point further along in your ongoing ascension to greatness. Each invading army has a unique trophy type attached to it, increasing a character’s damage dealt against that faction along with an additional bonus which varies from Trophy to Trophy. When vanquished, members of each army have a chance to drop their respective Trophy parts and after collecting 100 of these items, a player is then able to complete the Trophy. Like all other equipment, Trophies of varying quality can be obtained through normal progression, with some of the best being available as a reward for completing Anomalies. Different Trophy parts can also be obtained by disassembling your outdated or extra Trophies as well! Disassembling a completed Trophy awards you with higher quality parts while dissembling a single Trophy part will earn you lower quality parts.

Amulets and Trophies provide Immortals with a supplementary source of power while opening the way for them to find a greater sense of individual advancement and character personalization. Spending time to find which of these items best accents your playstyle will result in much smoother victories for not only yourself, but for your allies as well. Each new adversary you encounter will bring with it new challenges and understanding how to harness the power of these unique items will play a pivotal role in contributing to your triumphant victory!