Skyforge Update - 24.01.2018 -

Dear Players!

The new update is here!

Indispensable Assistant has been changed. It now enhances healing orbs and emblems. However, it only pulls them towards you without automatically activating them. Given how impactful the changes are, we have withdrawn the module from everybody and reimbursed its cost.

Distortion bosses, such as Carrions, Melegh and Imenad, have also been adjusted in this update. Their abilities and damage were rebalanced.

Thanatos's Avatar

  • Fixed the issue that caused Thanatos's hand to become invisible instead dying after all group members' death.


Frenzied Carrions (D2)

  • Emblems will now appear less often.
  • If a boss gets to a neighboring territory and finds no characters around, it grants all bosses a shield decreasing incoming damage.

Melegh (D3)

  • After the Rage stage all summoned Virds and Skulls will be destroyed.
  • Necrotic Aura that applies the repelling aura will now apply it only on the character pulled to the spirit by Otherworldly Pull.
  • Virds now heal the boss less efficiently.
  • Duration of the dash of Otherworldly Pull has been slightly increased.
  • Time till boss falls into a rage has been increased.
  • Now you can pick up boss' scythe and become a god every 5 minutes (you could do it once per battle before).
  • Damage dealt by Test of Tenacity now expires on time.

Imenad (D4)

  • Damage dealt by most boss' abilities has been decreased.
  • Boss in divine phase now doesn't destroy the relic.
  • The relic purification cooldown has been decreased.
  • The boss remains invulnerable for a while after the divine form is lifted from a character.
  • Fixed the issue when a player could receive less quests in Flavius's laboratory if they log in the game for the first time during a season only at the end of an Invasion.


Cronnel Platforms

  • Removed Born Assassin I from the list of optional tasks.

Higher Divinity

  • Killing the Avatar and bosses in distortions will now give you Cognition points. Receiving Cognition points has the same limitations as receiving equipment (1 daily attempt for Distortions, 1 attempt per 3 days for Avatars).
  • Maximum Cognition gain: 450 to 550 for Avatars, 250/300/350/400 for Distortions, depending on their number.


  • Indispensable Assistant/Magnetism module has been redesigned.
    • Chance of emblem appearance has been increased by 15%. The companion only pulls them towards you without activating them.
    • If character's health is low, the companion pulls a Healing Orb (if there are any available) and enhances it. Can be activated only once in 40 seconds.
    • Emblems and Healing Orbs can be pulled to you only within a 20 yard range of your spawn point.
    • Given how impactful the changes are, we have withdrawn the module from everybody and reimbursed its cost. You can purchase it again in the Hall of Trophies. "Biological Hazard I" card.
  • Health points will now restore without delay after resurrection by a companion.

Various Fixes and changes.

  • Fixed the issue with the third Brass Knuckles blow on female characters.
  • Fixed the issue with character freezing in one position after activating Trewang and in some other cases.
  • The Cathedral now has enhancements for all classes.