Skyforge - Week in Review [October 19]

Last week we revealed the final source of power for Immortals, their loyal followers and adepts! Here is a summary of everything we discussed last week, including new boss concept art and a unique piece of fanart from the Skyforge community!

Orders of Aelion
Every god needs followers and the celestial beings of Skyforge are no exception. Learn about each immortals personal order and the benefits of managing your adepts in the first place.

Aswangs Concept Art
We took a closer look at a concept piece for one of Skyforge's more bug-eyed baddies, the Aswangs!


Introducing Illira – Leader of the Mantide
As the clan leader of the Mantide, don't let her beautiful wings fool you, the fight against Illira led to the most player deaths during Russia's recent Igromir video game expo!


Fan Art of the Week
Fan art continues to roll in for Skyforge and a recent abstract-styled art piece from one of our forum members left us with a truly unique expression of Skyforge!


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