Skyforge - Week in Review [October 26]

Last week we revealed the final source of power for Immortals, their loyal followers and adepts! Here is a summary of everything we discussed last week, including new boss concept art and a unique piece of fanart from the Skyforge community!

Create a Comic, Win a Beta Key!
We asked the community to fire up their creative juices and enter the Skyforge comic contest for a chance at a beta key! If you haven’t entered yet you better hurry! The giveaway ends on the 28th!


Kinetic Gloves Concept Art
These gloves pack a powerful punch into such a small package, but what could a person do with such devices?


Flavius – The Celestial Scholar
Not all gods are seen as warriors. Some like the eccentric god known as Flavius will act as your mentor; teaching you about your newfound divine powers and what it means to be a god!


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