Oceanid Invasion

The great god's plans have not changed: he still intends to occupy the depths of our ocean and dispose of Protheus who managed to lure a part of the Oceanid army to his side! A glorious battle awaits all immortals. Gather all forces and fight off the invaders.

Where can I get equipment?

New difficulty levels will become available according to schedule. You can view it in the game, in the current invasion interface.

The invasion will gradually gain momentum. With the arrival of new bosses, new distortions and adventure difficulty levels will be unlocked, and players will get access to improved equipment.

In group adventures (except Hespilon Temple), you can receive rare and epic equipment. In distortions and squad adventures, 1 epic item per day is guaranteed. After that, both rare and epic items may drop. Adventure cards usually contain information about the kind of equipment you can get in there.

Another place where you can get equipment is invasion adventures. When you defeat a special troop, you will receive a chest that may contain rare, epic, and even mythical items of relevant generation (if the character's rank is equal to or higher than the special troop's rank). The item type depends on the stage of the invasion. The chest can contain only the equipment pieces that are currently available in adventures. Bosses in invasion adventures may drop these chests as well.

Tol-Monter’s Avatar

Players will have access to the champion and training versions of Tol-Monter's avatar within the third week of the invasion. Experienced players can test their skills and obtain all trophies, whereas beginners will get a chance to earn their first Avatar Trophy. Training will be available to groups of 5 characters.

Experienced fighters will test their skills against the champion avatar of the great god of the Oceanids.

For victory, they will receive:

  • 1-6 trophies for developing halls in the Temple of Deeds and 1 trophy for the Aspect of Magic.
  • 1 Avatar’s Artifact if the character has received less than 4 Avatar’s Artifacts;
  • Cognition (once in 3 days);
  • Legendary jewelry.

Beginners will face the training version of the enemy’s avatar. The adventure is adapted for groups of 5 characters. Its purpose is to prepare young gods for the battle against Tol-Monter. Now if your character has unlocked less than 4 divine specializations, you will get Avatar Trophies for defeating the invasion avatar's training version on your first 1-4 runs!


Distortion Bosses' Abilities

Lorro the Cold's Abilities

Eternal Frost

The generator in the center of the dilapidated temple is periodically switched on. A long as the generator is working, immortals take damage, and Lorro freezes and becomes immune to damage. The generator can be disabled using the ten control panels placed along the perimeter of the platform.

Irretrievable Loss

When Lorro’s health drops below 30%, he drops a Divine Spark. An immortal can pick it up to assume their divine form until the end of the fight.


The platform is gradually filled with frozen pools with a radius of 3.5 yards which slow down immortals and inflict increased damage.

When it gets warmer on the platform, the pools melt. Melted pools no longer slow down but continue to inflict increased damage, applying an effect to the immortals which inflicts damage over time for 30 seconds.

Ranged ability.

Cooldown: 40 seconds.

Terrifying Scream

Lorro drops to his front paws and screams at the enemies. All the immortals hit by the sound wave become disoriented for 10 seconds, running wildly around the platform. The range of the wave is 60 yards.

Melee ability.

Cooldown: 40 seconds.

Icy Trap

The monster pulls the enemies to him and then freezes everything in a 10 yard radius. The immortals can free their allies by using the context action near the icy trap.

Ranged ability.

Cooldown: 20 seconds.

Water Explosion

Lorro pulls enemies to himself and then knocks back all targets in a 10 yard radius.

Ranged ability.

Cooldown: 20 seconds.

Icy Madness

Lorro freezes everyone but the immortal that has gained their divine form.

Ranged ability.

Cooldown: 40 seconds.

Aquatic Madness

Lorro uses Water Explosion three times in a row, pulling everyone but the immortal that gained their divine form.

Ranged ability.

Cooldown: 40 seconds.

Basic Attack

Inflicts damage with paws.

Melee ability.

Cooldown: 5 seconds.

Alciona's and Melia's Abilities


Alciona and Melia are surrounded by geysers which occasionally explode. Explosion deals damage to all immortals within 4 yards, knocking them back 20 yards.

Sisterly Bond

If the difference between Alciona's and Melia's health reaches a certain value, both Naiads fly into a rage and start attacking random targets with enhanced Basic Attack.

Wild Stream

Alciona and Melia launch streams of water at the same time, dealing increased damage to everyone they hit. The immortals hit by the attack drop their weapons and have to pick them up.

Ranged ability.

Cooldown: 40 seconds.

Soap Bubbles

Each sister catches a random target into a giant soap bubble. The bubble exists 20 seconds. After that, it explodes, inflicting increased damage. The bubbles can explode sooner and not inflict damage if they cross paths.

Ranged ability.

Cooldown: 30 seconds.


Alciona or Melia applies an effect to a random target which makes them unable to attack the sister that applied it. The effect lasts 25 seconds.

Ranged ability.

Cooldown: 30 seconds.

Last Gift

If one of the sisters dies, the other one recovers part of her health.

Valuable Trophy

When one of the sisters dies, the immortal that killed her can use their divine form till the end of the fight.

Basic Attack

Shoots and inflicts damage. Each hit inflicts more damage than the previous one.

Ranged ability.

Cooldown: 5 seconds.

Wise Latanu's Abilities

Protective Dome

Wise Latanu surrounds himself with an impenetrable dome. You can only get inside by using special portals. The number of portals is limited, and they disappear once the fight is over. Gods can walk through the barrier freely.

Disturbed Eggs

There are eggs of the sea army around the dome. Disturbed by the unwelcome guests, new monsters begin to hatch and attack the immortals outside the dome.

Change of Power

Several times during the fight, Latanu switches the immortals inside and outside the dome.

Water Vortex

Latanu creates a vortex around himself which deals damage over time to all enemies in the area of effect.

Melee ability.

Cooldown: 40 seconds.

Deafening Scream

Latanu focuses on his main target and starts screaming. All the immortals hit by the sound wave become disoriented for 10 seconds, running wildly around the platform.

Melee ability.

Cooldown: 35 seconds.

Water Jets

Latanu picks a random target and sends a water drop at them every 2 seconds that falls on the ground and turns into a pool that inflicts damage over time.

Melee ability.

Cooldown: 50 seconds.

Powerful Wave

Latanu coils into a spring and launches two waves 23 yards in front of and behind himself. The waves inflict damage in a square-shaped area.

Cooldown: 30 seconds.

Enhanced Healing Orb

Enhanced Healing Orbs appear under the dome from time to time. They cannot be used but can be kicked outside. It will remove the protective shell from them and make them usable. The Orbs heal the character for 10 seconds, restoring half of their health.

Priceless Finding

One of the clutches may contain a Divine Spark. Latanu summons additional reinforcements around the Spark and makes the protective dome around himself smaller. After some time, Latanu activates Water Vortex which you cannot hide from under the smaller dome. To increase the dome again, you need to disable the shield that Latanu brings up when a Spark appears.

The Spark can be thrown to the group under the dome so they can disable the shield faster.

One character can pick up a Spark only once per fight.

Last Strength

When Latanu has a small amount of health let, he loses the Divine Spark, and the dome disappears. Water Vortex now pulls everyone not in their divine form. The skill can be interrupted by dealing a certain amount of damage to Latanu.

Nautilus's Abilities


Nautilus creates 5 energy substances around himself and begins to absorb them one by one. The Kraken can only do that within the range of up to 15 yards. If all 5 substances are absorbed, Nautilus summons several geysers that deal damage to everyone on the platform.

Cooldown: 40 seconds.

Water Prison

Nautilus puts several immortals in water chains. The chains can be destroyed only from the outside. If there are other immortals around the one caught in the effect, they are knocked back and get trapped in the water prison as well.

Cooldown: 30 seconds.

Water Trail

Once every second, Nautilus picks a random immortal and creates a pool around them. The pool exists for a long time and deals damage over time to everyone who stands in it. If a character already has a pool under them, another one is not created.

Cooldown: 50 seconds.

Water Madness

Nautilus summons waves of giant water balls which fly across the platform and deal damage to immortals in their way. Sometimes the waves contain particles of Divine Sparks. If you collect enough particles, you can activate your divine form for a time.

With each iteration of this skill, you need more and more Spark particles to access the divine form. Once the waves stop coming, Nautilus summons a great number of monsters of the sea army, and all the immortals not in their divine form are trapped in water prisons.

Cooldown: 60 seconds.

Invasions in Regions

In the first part of the invasion, the Oceanid army will try to capture and flood Naori Island. The invaders will deploy a large force to overcome any resistance and set their plan in motion. But Tol-Monter is impatient, and if his minions do not succeed, the Oceanids will attack another region. The Templars will try and contain the threat, but they will need your help. Protect mortals, attack the Oceanids and make sure they do not spread their influence further! You will receive Credits, Knowledge of Enemies and rare current generation equipment.


Invasion Adventure Opening Schedule

Special adventures become available to immortals during invasions. They differ depending on the invading army, giving young gods a chance to test their skills in new conditions and unique combat situations. These adventures are also very picturesque and atmospheric. You can get epic equipment of the previous generation in these invasion adventures.

  • Lending a Hand
  • Oceanid Incubator
  • Crashed Aircraft
  • Kanter Aelerium Plant
  • Abandoned Fort Garune
  • Evacuation
  • Oceanid Flagship

Fight and kill enemies without mercy. Show them that they are not welcome here!