Shadow of Aelion (Nintendo Switch): New Class Talents

The Shadow of Aelion content update, now available on Nintendo Switch, introduced 18 new Class Talents to the game. Complete quests on Thea to earn 10,000 Aelerium-9, then challenge the almighty Kairax Cluster to a boss battle for the ages. When your foe is vanquished, you can unlock one of 18 new Class Talents (there’s one for each class in Skyforge).

  • Radioactive Ectoplasm (Alchemist): Creeping Horror increases the damage of Predatory Ectoplasm by 400% instead of 200%. After applying a Stimulant Injection, the Alchemist receives the Creeping Horror effect for several seconds. This is a special version of the existing effect and the number of its charges is not restricted. While Creeping Horror is in effect, all Predatory Ectoplasm uses are free.
  • High Capacity Condensers (Archer): The accumulated opportunity to use Burning Rapid Fire for free is discharged after one application, which noticeably increases their damage. Additionally, you will periodically get the chance to use Electric Rapid Fire with increased damage for free.
  • Burning Chain (Berserker): There is a chance that finishing combo strikes (e.g. Fast Attack, Dissection, Crushing Throw, and Fracture) will temporarily give you the Burning Chain effect, which increases the damage of the next Crippling Blow.
  • Crater Ice (Cryomancer): The Cryocharge effect increases the likelihood of critical damage from Icy Missile level one charges (Icy Thorn). The Cryocharge effect can be attained when using Cryobeam, and when hitting at least one enemy with Snowball.
  • Hydrogen Additive (Gunner): Using Fire Blast Fire and Sector abilities may provide the chance to apply these same abilities for free, instantly restoring them and increasing their damage.
  • Tidal Forces (Kinetic): Using the Kinetic Pulse ability gives the opportunity to use the Single Stone ability with increased impulse damage.
  • Aelerium Spearhead (Knight): Spear Throw, performed at a distance of no less than ten meters, places a temporary effect on the target, inflicting periodic damage when the target moves.
  • Lunar Talisman (Lightbinder): When an ally under the Lightbinder’s aura receives fatal damage, they will get a shield. The effect of this talent has a long cooldown duration.
  • Rapid Motions (Monk): Movement, dashes, and switching stances restore impulse damage charges.
  • Space Mist (Necromancer): Summoned allies of the Necromancer get a boost. Ghostly Vipers have considerably more health, Ghostly Skeletons pull in enemies and inflict damage on them, and Ghostly Carrion can inflict damage from a distance. When Shield of the Banished absorbs enhanced allies, it also restores a large amount of the Necromancer's health.
  • Aelerium Core (Outlaw): Alternating shots from a dual stance place a negative effect on the target, increasing critical damage on them inflicted by the Outlaw.
  • Sacrificial Light (Paladin): Aegis of Light applies an effect to the second target, redirecting some incoming damage to the Paladin.
  • Dark Star (Slayer): Using abilities that inflict damage may provide the chance to use the Shuriken Attack ability with increased damage.
  • Dark Side (Witch): Explosion of Darkness inflicts additional impulse damage if applied after using the Living Helper effect for 3 or more seconds.
  • Radioactive Juice (Grovewalker): Flowers destroyed by Tessa's Wrath leave areas that inflict damage every second for 12 seconds.
  • Deadly Crescent (Revenant): Punishment inflicts 100% more damage to enemies with less than 50% health.
  • Starfall (Firestarter): At the maximum energy level, Incinerating Rain lasts 6 seconds longer. Damage from the ultimate ability may also stun the target for 2 seconds (only once).
  • Music of the Spheres (Soundweaver): Rhythm of Courage now restores 3% of maximum health to allies every second for the first 10 seconds. The effect gets weaker after that, restoring 1% of health every 2 seconds.