Gorgonide Invasion

The Gorgonide Empire is scattered across dozens of planets all across different parts of the Universe. Despite the power it possesses, it is constantly at war with enemies of equal strength. In her search for successful combat strategies, Akonita found Aelion. The primary objective of this current invasion is to take our technology and enslave our planet in order to use it as a resource for war.


Where can I get equipment?

New difficulty levels will become available according to schedule. You can view it in the game, in the current invasion interface.

The invasion will gradually gain momentum. With the arrival of new bosses, new distortions and adventure difficulty levels will be unlocked, and players will get access to improved equipment.

In group adventures (except Hespilon Temple), you can receive rare and epic equipment. In distortions and squad adventures, 1 epic item per day is guaranteed. After that, both rare and epic items may drop. Adventure cards usually contain information about the kind of equipment you can get in there.

Another place where you can get equipment is invasion adventures. When you defeat a special troop, you will receive a chest that may contain rare, epic, and even mythical items of relevant generation (if the character's rank is equal to or higher than the special troop's rank). The item type depends on the stage of the invasion. The chest can contain only the equipment pieces that are currently available in adventures. Bosses in invasion adventures may drop these chests as well.

Bedazzling Akonita's Avatar


Players will have access to the champion and training versions of Akonita within the third week of the invasion. Experienced fighters will pit their skills against the champion avatar of the great god of the Gorgonides.

For victory, they will receive:

  • 1-6 trophies for developing halls in the Temple of Deeds and 2 trophies for the Aspects of Magic and Vengeance.
  • 1 Avatar’s Artifact if the character has received less than 4 Avatar’s Artifacts;
  • Cognition (once every 3 days);
  • Legendary jewelry.

Beginners will face the training version of the enemy’s avatar. The adventure is adapted for groups of 5 characters. Its purpose is to prepare young gods for the battle against the Integrator. If your character has unlocked less than 6 divine specializations, you will get up to six Avatar Trophies for defeating the invasion avatar's training version on your first runs (one for each run)!


  • Viper Lair. The entire battlefield is covered with numerous viper nests. If you hit a nest, several weak but aggressive vipers will come out. You may run into Iriza, the chief protector of the nests. Before dying, Iriza will summon Oscabon, a more powerful successor.
  • Poisonous Spit. This boss selects a random target and spits poison at them. The poison leaves a puddle that deals damage to anyone that stands in it.
  • Strong Offspring. The boss selects the most mature egg in the nest and grants it a shield. After a time, a strong viper hatches from this egg. When close to the egg, the boss will periodically cover it with a shield. Sometimes these eggs contain divine spark particles. If a character picks up three particles, they can access their divine form. However, if the viper manages to hatch out of the cocoon with a spark, the spark will be lost.
  • Crazy Cry. Only used by the boss Iriza. Causes all enemies in a cone in front to flee in panic.
  • Poisonous Jet. Only used by the boss Iriza. The boss spits poisonous blobs at a random target. The blobs knock enemies away when they land.
  • Underhand Strike. Only used by the boss Oscabon. The boss burrows into the ground, then suddenly jumps out a while later, knocking back everyone nearby.
  • Havoc. Only used by the boss Oscabon. The boss burrows into the ground and starts jumping out under random enemy targets. Oscabon will also knock back any nearby enemies.
  • Complete Destruction. Some time after the battle starts or when any character activates their divine form, the boss flies into a rage and forces all eggs to hatch. Enraged, the boss deals progressively more damage with basic attacks. In this phase, Iriza builds Oscabon's cocoon. The cocoon remains completely protected until the boss is born.


Energy Armor. From time to time, both Gorgonides bring up a tough shield. You can remove the shield by shooting it with the cannon in the center of the platform.
Mighty Backup. The Gorgonides summon bombs at the same time. The bombs start moving towards each other, and if they collide, they will break into pieces which will hit and knock characters off their feet.
Blood Bonds. If one boss’s health is way lower than the other’s, the weakened boss will recover health until it reaches her partner’s health level.
Game Over. When one boss’s health drops to 50%, she gets into the cannon and starts shooting at the enemies.
Vendetta. When one of the Gorgonides dies, she leaves a divine spark behind. The second boss flies into a rage and leaves the cannon. Enraged, the Gorgonide inflicts increased damage, and it becomes even greater over time.


Chained Together. Kirsa picks a few targets, then pulls and chains them together. If the chains are not broken, they will inflict damage and knock the characters off their feet.
Lasso. Kirsa swings her weapon and strikes in front, stunning all the characters she hits.


Laser Trap. Rayna picks a target and knocks them off their feet after a time, then creates a labyrinth of arrows around the target. If you cross the laser walls of the labyrinth, they explode and knock the character off their feet.
Arrow Storm. The Gorgonide takes aim and shoots a fan of arrows. The arrows inflict damage and knock all affected characters down.

  • Explosive Bite. The Hydra's heads bite characters with the highest level of threat two times. The first bite deals regular damage, and the second one cannot be blocked by any defense. The Hydra's blood infects the target, making them vulnerable to subsequent Explosive Bites, but the infection also heals the target over time.
  • Laser Salvo. Three of the Hydra's heads focus on a tank class character and attack them with a laser salvo, inflicting massive damage. Other players can draw fire from two heads by standing close to the tank. If there is no tank class character, the Hydra will pick a random target.
  • Unstable Substance. The Hydra creates a ball of unstable substance and throws it at a random character who is more than 20 yards away. When it reaches them, the ball explodes, dealing damage and knocking characters away. A puddle of unstable substance remains at the blast site, healing players standing in it for 10 seconds. After that, the substance changes its properties and starts dealing damage. Note: if there are fewer than 4 characters 20 yards away, the unstable substance will fly at a random target.
  • Earthquake. Executioner flies into a rage and sets off an earthquake, dealing progressively more damage to all characters. Note: the Hydra uses this ability if no characters are alive next to it.
  • Lottery. Hydra randomly changes the classes of all characters.
  • Lethal Rage. After 10 minutes, the boss flies into a rage and increases its damage several times.


Crespion Armor. Hyscena is covered in impenetrable armor.
Extra Readiness. All Hyscena's helpers have three levels of readiness. The higher the level, the more dangerous the Crespion. Crespions can increase their level under special circumstances.
Battle Spirit. If one of the Crespions dies, Hyscena resurrects them, temporarily sacrificing her shield. Divine Sparks drop from dead Crespions. The other Crespions will increase their level by one. Resurrected Crespions have their levels reset to 1.
Crazy Dash. Hyscena accelerates and charges at a randomly selected target, leaving a burning trail on the ground in her wake. The collision can deal damage not just to the characters, but also to Hyscena's own helpers.


Ethara - Trap Master

  • Net (Level 1). Ethara throws a net over a character and immobilizes them. Teammates can free the immobilized character by destroying the net.
  • Net (Level 2). Ethara throws a choking net over a character which makes them helpless and deals damage over time. Other characters can free the captive by destroying the net.
  • Net (level 3). Ethara throws nets over two characters and binds them together. The characters are pulled towards each other. If their nets touch, they are instantly tightened, killing both characters. One of the nets cannot be destroyed.

Kryta — Gunlayer

  • Bombardment (level 1). Kryta selects four random players and bombards them with orbital strikes.
  • Bombardment (level 2). Kryta selects eight random players and bombards them with powerful orbital strikes.
  • Bombardment (level 3). Kryta calls in an extremely powerful orbital strike.


  • Summon Viper Devastator (level 1). This viper's basic attack weakens the target, reducing their damage dealt. The effect of this attack is accumulated.
  • Summon Viper Earthminer (level 2). This viper periodically burrows into the ground and comes out under a random target, knocking down everyone around.
  • Summon Viper Healer (level 3). This viper periodically heals Hyscena and lets out a terrible shriek, frightening all nearby characters.