Journey of the Divine Patch Notes



Pantheon Academy

• Young immortals who have just begun their journey across Aelion can now find a potential home with the Pantheon Academy system. Players that have yet to unlock their Divine Form can freely join a Pantheon’s Academy, a sub-section of the regular Pantheon, where they can learn the game from experienced players, contribute to the expansion of the Pantheon as they grow stronger, and be rewarded for their dedication!

Invasion Avatars

• The invading armies have seen the threat Aelion poses and can no longer sit idly by as we defeat wave after wave of their assault. Avatars of the Invading God will now start arriving alongside their army. Avatars are challenging battles for 10 players that award epic rewards – Most importantly the items that allow access to the Divine Specializations!

Divine Specializations

• Those brave immortals who confront and conquer the fearsome invading Avatars are rewarded with a special book – Divine Revelations. Through reading these mystical tombs, inspiring immortals can learn the secrets of the Gods themselves! Encompassing six individual specializations, players will be able to further empower their Divine Form to suit their preferred playstyle allowing complete domination of the battlefield.

Improved Ascension Atlas Navigation:

• Navigation of the Ascension Atlas has been made much smoother, allowing players to directly find specific skills, talents, or symbols in their Atlas. This negates the need to scour the Atlas searching for your next destination and removes the tedium that comes with it!

Reward Selection

• At the end of the adventure, players will now be offered the option to select from all types of Sparks of Insight, Order resources or Celestial Threads as rewards. Reward selection will always be available in massive and small battles, as well as in all promo adventures except the promos for additional limits.

• Added new Daily Promo Adventure: New promo adventure awards a Variatron - an item that allows you to select rewards in any adventure of the appropriate type. This promo adventure will appear on both Squad and Group Adventures.
• Added the third and fourth ability sets to the Market – Can be purchased with Victor’s Medals.
• Made changes to the Group Finder system: Characters with a similar amount of Prestige will be picked first and if the required number of participants are not found within a certain time, the search scope will be increased.
• New Promo Adventure added: One of invasion activities will now always have an x3 bonus to invading army tokens: Once received, the bonus will change.
• It is now possible to obtain both Tactical Sense Fragments and Celestial Threads from Massive Battles.
• Added the ability to disable Double-Tap to Dash in the Game section of the Setting Menu



• In Squad, Invasion, and Distortion type adventures, rewards no longer change after they’re first completed and now change after the next tactical situation update.
• Added new difficulty levels for Squad and Group type adventures. For example, the new difficulty for Kyris becomes available at 62610 Prestige, and Mare Sacro Monastery is unlocked for those with 127760 Prestige.
• Added Holy Texts and resources for the Rite of Enlightenment to the list of rewards. These can be received after completing adventures marked with a star.


• Increased the average completion time for the Lending a Hand adventure. Now the adventure card says 27 minutes instead of 15. The rewards have been increased accordingly.
• The amount of Divine Sparks that a player can obtain during one invasion is 160.
• Changed the names of monsters in special troops.
• Invasion operations are no longer available during the Arrival stage.
• Now the team progress for invasion operations cannot exceed 100%.
• Updated loading screens for some adventures.
• Experimental weapon can now be activated by pressing Q.
• Increased the number of tokens received as a reward for Invasion Ship adventures 1.5 times. The number depends on how successfully the adventure has been completed.


• Modified the mechanics of Threat Level accumulation in Infected Territories:
- The Phytonides dying after Phytomorphs are destroyed no longer increase Threat Level; Threat Level gained for killing the Phytonides is increased.
• Changed optional tasks on Alakur Island and in Daren Facility during the Phytonide invasion:
- Added the Collecting Data task;
- Added the APS-4 Test task;
- Added the Liana task (only in Daren Facility): During a fight, a liana may appear and capture one of the group members - they must be freed before it smothers them.


• Changed optional tasks in adventures with the Mechanoids during their invasion:
- Added the AME-300 Test task (analogue for AR-0.96 for Reapers of Death).
- Changed the Mechanoid Turrets task: Turrets no longer cause the character to enter combat mode.

Reapers of Death

• Updated visual effects for monsters in special troops.

Defense of Fortifications

• Now the C rating is given if the cannon is not destroyed before the last (fourth) wave. The B rating - if the cannon still stands. Difficulty for A and S remains the same.
• Special enemy Destroyer is no longer immune to slowing effects. When affected by those, it accumulates short-term resistance to slowing.
• For each type of invasion, there are now different markers on the globe.
• Attacks in the fourth wave have become more difficult: They happen more frequently.

Hostile Territories

• The weekly quest for Sparks of Revelation is divided into three parts. Each week, a series of three quests is issued. For completing each of them, you will receive 200 Sparks of Revelation. If you have completed 6 or more quests by the time the update is released, you will receive the rewards for them when you log into the game.
• The new location now becomes available when a character has the appropriate quest lined up. Before, it became available only when you accepted the appropriate quest.
• The quest for Sparks of Revelation can now be completed both in the area specified in the quest and in areas with more powerful monsters. For example, if your quest is sending you to the Sandbank, but you went to the Second Tier of the Underground Temple instead, you can still complete it there.
• When stages are completed, you will now see a visual effect: When the required monster is killed, the Resonator absorbs a Phantom particle.
• If the Class sparks limit is reached, the reward for collecting Phantoms into Ether Resonators will be Spark Replicators instead of resources for improving adepts (Acolyte Medallion, Fighter’s Amulet, Messenger Necklace)


• Dangerous Greenhouse Nephelis
- The roots on the platform with the boss now trap 5 characters at the same time instead of 3.
- After the massive destruction of the platforms, the boss always uses roots to trap 3 characters that are on the platform (even if they got onto the platform at different points in time).
- A disarmed character can retrieve their weapons using the Lightbinder’s Blessing of Tenacity.
- Platform destruction and root attacks occur less frequently on the central platform.
- Visualized the damage over time effect from poison on the floor. The damage has also become nonlinear: weak at first and stronger over time.
- Nephelis no longer uses Disarmament right before and during the platform destruction.
- If the character trapped in roots dies, the roots now disappear.
- The Knight can use Whiplash if they were killed by roots or while disarmed.
- When disarmed, a character loses the current target and becomes unable to target other characters or monsters.
- The roots and lianas can now be targeted as soon as they appear.
- The final stage of the battle starts only when the boss’s health is reduced to 20% (it used to be time dependent as well).


Operation Isabella

• Added an NPC that explains the situation in the area.
• Added hints.
• Optimized the map of the adventure.

Operation Medea

• Added the light version of the adventure - Operation Medea: Attack. The standard version is now called Operation Medea: Storm.
• What is different in the light version:
- All monsters have 30% less health;
- Bosses have 50% less health;
- The number of Tactical Sense Fragments received for killing a boss is reduced;
- The signet drop rate is reduced by half. The ring drop rate is increased accordingly.

Alakur Island

• Changed the platform where Branchy Eneskid is fought.
• Increased the size of the platform where Wedgeleafed Orgilium is fought.
• Fixed Branchy Eneskid’s abilities.

Factory 501

• Special Scissor Cerberus’s ability Laser Beam now takes 3 seconds to execute instead of 7. The enhanced version of this ability is now activated only at 3 star or higher difficulty levels.

Facility 902

• Rethiarius Chaos now uses basic attack less frequently.
• On the platform where Rethiarius Chaos is fought, 2 cannons will now appear if 3 players are in the adventure.

Taron Power Station

• Reduced Hydra Operative Ward’s health. Before the fight, the characters will have their health restored.
• Added a new champion: Amana.

Syblian Heights

• In the group version of the adventure, Kinius now creates a shield around only one character. Summoned creatures will no longer have shields.

Palon Prototype Plant

• Improved the map of the area.

Aristel's Farm

• Changed the points calculation mechanics for the tasks.
• Changed the enemy spawn mechanics: There will be less time between waves, the composition of enemy groups has also been changed.
• Added secondary objective: Do not die.
• The average completion time on the adventure card is reduced. The reward has been changed accordingly.

Thetin Rift

• Champion Fathomless Gorge’s ability Disgusting Slime now inflicts less damage.

Cronnel Platforms

• Players added to the adventure through the Group Finder will now be able to activate the third altar even if it has been previously used by another character. This enables the new player to gain the water shield required to fight Ignis.

Leunar Swamps

• Improved the visual effects of champion Nightmare.

Mare Sacro Monastery

• Champion Cetus has lost its ability Morays.

Daren Facility

• Restless Ethedra now attacks less frequently.

Naori Island

• Added visuals for Champion Mocker’s Attack Efficiency.

Dankit Island

• Added new tasks for beginners explaining how to kill different types of enemies.

Training Hall

• Added holographic training dummies to the Training Hall accessible through the transport capsule in the Research Center.


• Characters can no longer move during the Warm Up stage.
• There is now a progress bar above the selected target’s health that displays the effectiveness of control abilities. When it is full, the character will be nearly immune to control effects.

Esten Quarry

• Fixed the bug with the flag hoisting animation.


• When approaching a character that has died, there is now a Revive context action displayed when they are targeted if a Temporal Compensator is in your bag.. Works only in combat.
• Added an interface for upgrading nodes.
• Updated some error messages.
• “Ability set selected” notification no longer pops up in the center of the screen.
• Captions for markers related to the same spot on the map are now further apart in height for better readability.
• Removed Sparks of Divinity from the Limits interface.
• Added new loading screens for many adventures.
• Removed the Warning mark that appears when a better piece of equipment is acquired.
• The maximum bonus from Spark Replicators is now always displayed in the window with detailed information about an adventure.
• Added notifications for when the player runs out of active Spark Replicators.
• Promo adventure cards now display the reward corresponding to the selected difficulty level.
• Added a tab for Invasion symbols
• Class weapons, rings, and signets now have unique names and icons reflecting their additional stats.


• Reworked and improved the appearance of many monsters.



• The Divine ability Willpower now removes stun applied by the Knight’s Stunning Blow.
• Updated sound for many class abilities.
• Fixed the bug where the Gunner’s Teleport Beacon and the Lightbinder’s Wanderer’s Relic would not work when used next to the platform where Nephelis is fought.
• Fixed the bug where the Slayer’s animation would not work properly after Grapevine was used.
• Fixed the issue that could cause the Knight to get stuck in collision after using Stunning Blow.


• Changed the effect of the shield created by Shroud of Light. It is now displayed correctly on the gods.


• Fixed a few bugs related to animation and ability effects.


• Fixed the description for Destructive Wave. The duration of the invincibility effect now conforms to the mechanics and lasts 25 seconds.


• Fixed the description of Twilight Scourge and Biting Whips.
• Improved camera behavior during Flurry of Blows.
• Fixed the bug where Complete Cloaking would not work when the Slayer’s health reached zero if the minute limitation on the effect activation frequency ended when the Slayer was dead.
• The Slayer can now use Regeneration Substrate and Special Regeneration Substrate in the Shadow Cloaking state.


• Improved the visual effect of Ether Explosion.
• Fixed the bug where the Kinetic would strike with only one hand when using Sledgehammer.
• Dashing now correctly interrupts Energy Wave.
• Fixed the bug where an impulse charge was consumed when Demolition was used together with the Energy Overflow talent but did not land on the initial target.
• Changed the description for weapons with bonus to Demolition to allow better understanding of the mechanic.
• Fixed the bug where using Ether Explosion would cause the camera to turn to every target that was caught in the crosshairs when the ability was used. It’s also possible to change camera settings for this ability. Setting the slider between 0 and 80% enables simple camera, and 80-100% is for improved camera.
• Reduced the time the character cannot be controlled after using Sledgehammer.


• Fixed the bug where the animation of Icy Beam would work incorrectly.
• Frost Shackles will no longer freeze bosses in Squad and Distortion adventures, instead inflicting twice as much damage.


• Stun from Electric Rapid Fire can now be removed by the Divine ability Willpower.


• Updated the visual effect of Volatile Curse.


• The Alchemist is now immune to knock-back from monsters when using Healing Essence.
• Fixed the bug where the third jump of Skipjack ability would have an incorrect visual effect.


• Fixed the bug where the Necromancer’s allies would appear inside collision boundaries, unable to move.
• Fixed the bug where allies summoned by the Necromancer would sometimes disappear when their target was lost


• Fixed the bug where the Paladin would sometimes gain no bonuses from Holy Ground after using Radiant Aspect.
• The Paladin is now invulnerable when Radiant Aspect is executed.
• Reworked the animation of certain abilities.
• Fixed the bug where Aegis of Light II would be applied to a dead ally.


• The Laken Grotto area has been reworked, has its own history, and has new quests.
• Recorded new sounds for certain quests.
• Added titles for the main characters.
• Voiced certain NPCs.
• Voiced some of the storyline quests.
• Argus no longer sends characters to areas that are not yet available to them.
• Visions of the Past in Ignum Monastery must now be completed solo.
• Added a cutscene where the immortal that has become a god is congratulated after defeating the avatar of Thanatos in the New God quest. Players that have already completed this quest can view the cutscene using the Argus Terminal in the park of the capital.
• Changed rewards for quests received from the Argus system. Instead of credits, Ether Cores will now be awarded, with their value surpassing the previous reward.


• When hovering the cursor over the character name in the full-screen chat, it will now display detailed information about their location, Prestige, and class.
• In the full-screen chat interface of the Pantheon, you can now see the characters’ Prestige.
• Added pop-up notifications.
• You can now disable chat notifications in the Settings menu via Game tab.
• If you disable a chat channel, notifications from this channel will also be disabled.


• In the invasion Operation table it is now possible to see if the players participating in it are Online.
• The invasion Operation table now displays each participant’s class next to their name.
• When clicking the name of a participant or their pantheon, the appropriate portal page will be opened - the character’s profile or the community of their pantheon.
• On the left collapsible panel, it is now possible to view your current rankings.
• The Operations page can no longer be accessed through the portal.
• All Pantheon commanders can now edit the description of their Pantheon and its emblem.
• The user’s icon now indicates whether their character has unlocked their divine form.
• Changed the design of adventure encyclopedia.
• It is now possible exchange currency on the portal. To do so, click the block with currency on the character panel on the left side of the screen.
• Added new indicators to the list of missions for adepts that display the progress of active missions.
• The list of pantheon members now displays information about resources donated by the players. Additionally, they can also be sorted by Prestige and the amount donated.
• The Pantheon chat is divided into several rooms: for commanders, regular members, and Academy members.
• Added the Divine Form indicator to the list of Pantheon members.


• It is now possible to see when the player was last online.
• Pantheon Stronghold can be upgraded to rank II only if at least one member of the Pantheon has defeated the avatar of any invading army in the Champion Challenge.
• Fixed the issue where the minimum resolution (1280x720) would cause the control buttons in the Pantheon window to be overlapped by the Premium Account menu.
• Added a special room for commanders to the pantheon chat.
• There is now a warning mark in the Pantheon interface when a new vote is started.
• Distortion Analyzer can no longer save distortions that pantheon members are unable to enter.
• Adjusted the bonus progression for Obelisk stats. The growth is smoother and the Obelisks provide a greater bonus on average. Additionally, core stats will have a greater value compared to Might and Stamina. The old value is in brackets:
- Rank 1 — 20 (20) Might, 24 (20) Stamina, 20(5) core stat.
- Rank 2 — 70 (20) Might, 50 (50) Stamina, 40 (12) core stat.
- Rank 3 — 140 (70) Might, 110 (50) Stamina, 60 (22) core stat.
- Rank 4 — 220 (70) Might, 250 (120) Stamina, 110 (37) core stat.
• The new currency is available in game, it's Collaboration Points (gathered from Academy members when they gain prestige).
• Required number of commanders has been reduced to 3. Pantheons can assign more commanders (up to 15), but automatic assignation is disabled once the first 3 commanders are assigned.
• Slots for commanders and regular members are consolidated: Now the number of characters that can join a Pantheon is determined by a single parameter - Pantheon capacity.
• Commanders that have not logged in for more than 3 weeks are automatically demoted to regular members. The rule also applies to commander that have not logged in for more than 3 weeks at the time the update is applied.
• Due to above mentioned changes, Pantheon capacity has been increased (by 5% on average depending on the structure’s rank). Maximum Pantheon capacity is now 280 members.

Pantheon Academy

• Pantheon Academy has been added. Each Pantheon can build a new structure in the Pantheon Chambers: the Academy (the structure that used to be called academy has been renamed to Research Center). The Academy allows young immortals to join your Pantheon - Any character that has not yet unlocked their Divine Form can join using the new interface for finding an academy. The list of available Academies includes all pantheons that have built the Academy and have at least 30 characters that were online in the last 7 days. As a player progresses in the Academy, they will receive bonuses when they reach certain thresholds of Prestige. It is profitable to invite immortals to the academy, as they will bring currency to the Pantheon, including new ether resources required to build obelisks of higher level, as well as structures that will be added later.
There are certain limitations placed upon the academy members:
• An academy member can be expelled without a vote if they do not meet the requirements specified when they joined the academy:
- For Pantheons in the first 10 places in the rankings, the academy members must log in at least once in 2 days;
- For Pantheons in the first 100 places - once in 3 days;
- For other Pantheons - once in 4 days; character’s Prestige has increased by 30% over the last 7-day cycle (cycle starts on Wednesday providing that the character is in the academy when the cycle begins).
• Academy members cannot participate in Pantheon activities that require the Divine Form (such as Distortions and Pantheon Wars), even if they have already unlocked the Divine Form.
• Academy members cannot be made regular members unless they unlock their Divine Form.
• Regular members cannot be made Academy members if they have already unlocked their Divine Form.
• If a player is expelled from or leaves the academy, they cannot join it again for 3 days.
• If a player is expelled from or leaves three different academies over one week, they cannot join an academy for a week.
• Academy members can view the general chat of the Pantheon - A new channel has been added for official announcements available only to regular members and commanders.
• Added an option to ban members from posting in the pantheon chat. Any commander can hand out a ban as well as lift it.
You can read more about the Academy in our Academy Preview.


• Added the option to disassemble items required for the enlightenment of adepts. All items in the slot are disassembled in one click (to move part of items to another slot, left-click the stack while holding Shift)
• The priority of the Claim the Gifts context action in the Hall of Greatness is now higher than that for recruiting adepts.
• The statue in the Hall of Greatness now copies the appearance of the character automatically without the context action.


• Optimized some “heavy” effects within the game world.
• Optional task “Hit with one blow” is disabled.
• When opening the Ascension Atlas (K key), the atlas will now open to where the current path is laid out.
• Removed items from the bag that unlock the invading army Atlases.
• Now the Kinetic and Slayer weapons look the same in both hands.
• Temporal Compensators are now used instantly.
• Fixed the bug that made it impossible to interact with the quest object in Visions of the Past.
• Promo adventures for operation tokens can no longer lead to the battle against the avatar of invasion.

Optional tasks

• Born Assassin I and II now take champions into account as well.
• Pack type monsters now attack more frequently, but each hit inflicts less damage.




• Fixed a few textual and visual errors in the Phytonide, Reaper, and Gorgonide adventures.
• Fixed the error that caused Eidoses of ordinary quality to be displayed as unusual ones.
• Fixed the name and description of the Gorgonide Biology talent.
• Fixed the errors in the descriptions for rewards for Gorgonide tokens.
• Fixed the names of monsters in special troops.
• Fixed the bug where the x3 promo for tokens could be enabled for Syblian Heights.
• Fixed the bug where the x3 promo for Mechanoid tokens was not enabled for Saiban Archipelago.


• Phytonide Ship: Fixed the error where an adventure could not be completed if the evacuation Graviglider arrived before the last boss was killed and injector installed.


• Changed the visual effect of Scissor Eradicator’s Minefield ability. The area of effect is now displayed correctly.



• Fixed the bug where uncompleted Distortions were displayed as completed.

Dangerous Greenhouse Nephelis

• Fixed the bug where the context action for picking up the weapons would be missing.
• Fixed the bug where the roots on the boss’s platform could trap the same target.
• Fixed the bug where a Knight was unable to pick up their weapon.
• Fixed the bug where Lianas’ knockback attack was not working properly.

Nedder Test Area

• The marker of the Altar of Life is now displayed in the correct spot.

Avesten Tower

• Fixed the bug where a character in the Divine Form was unable to destroy the eggs.
• Fixed the bug where during the fight with Orista players sometimes had difficulty attacking the eggs with AoE abilities.

Donholk Glacier

• Fixed the positions of caches required to complete an optional task inaccessible.

Ardos Monastery

• Fixed the bug where Khlok Violent Storm’s Scream ability ignored immunity to control.

Port Usuni

• Groups of monsters can no longer be bypassed without fighting them.
• Fixed the bug where the character could die in a certain spot of the Adventure

Taron Power Station

• Fixed the bug where monsters patrolling the area would resurrect.

Kyros Caves

• Fixed the landscape. Character will no longer get stuck among the rocks.

Saiban Archipelago

• Fixed the bug with Healing Orbs disappearing too soon during the fight against Special Secutor Talisman.

Ignum Monastery

• Fixed the bug where Reinforced Titan Atlas knocked player’s weapon over the edge of the fighting area.
• Players can no longer get outside the playing area.

Thandi Drilling Station

• Fixed the visual effect of Pit Viper’s ability Caustic Spit. The dangerous areas are now more visible.

Hespilon Temple

• Fixed the bug where patrolling monsters would resurrect after being killed.

Palon Prototype Plant

• Fixed various bugs that caused player characters to get stuck.
• Fixed the area description in the final adventure card.

Tau Experimental Station

• Players can no longer get outside the playing area.

Aristel's Farm

• The adventure is no longer completed prematurely if Aristel and other farmers are killed.

Cronnel Platforms

• Characters will no longer be killed by fire after Ignis is defeated.

Leunar Swamps

• Fixed the description for several tasks and hints.

Tarlen Aquifer

• Fixed the landscape. Characters will no longer get stuck.

Daren Facility

• Improved object collision. Characters will no longer fall through the floor.

Eskenian Peninsula

• Fixed the borders of the playing area.

Roqul Valley

• Fixed the path finder for automatic movement when players travel to the area of Rotten Troops.


• Fixed the position of invasion reward markers on the cards of the globe. It no longer overlaps other icons.
• Fixed the error in the amount of Prestige required to access Borru Catacombs and Donholk Glacier on the Objectives and Rewards screen.
• Fixed the bug where clicking the Upgrade button in the equipment window multiple times could cause it to become inactive.
• Fixed the bug where ban notifications displayed incorrect expiration dates
• Fixed the bug where the game client would freeze when opening the interface immediately after teleportation.
• Fixed the bug where players were sometimes unable to target their character by pressing F1.
• Fixed the bug where an occupied Resonator would be marked incorrectly on the map in the Hostile Territories.


• Fixed a few bugs related to appearance and animation of costumes and hairstyles.
• Fixed the bug where other characters’ jumping was not displayed.


• Fixed the errors in the Malfunction optional task.
• In Laertes’s Fate, fixed the bug that prevented characters from entering the right room.
• Fixed typos in certain quest descriptions and messages from NPCs.
• Fixed the bug with reprogramming enemies on Palon Prototype Plant during the Finale task.
• Fixed the bug related to completing the Trying-On stage of the storyline quest.


• Fixed the bug where the active chat would suddenly switch when typing a message in the full-screen chat interface. For example, the Region chat would open instead of the active Pantheon chat.


• The Order interface now correctly displays the missions completed by the player’s Adepts.
• Fixed the bug where rings’ stats would not be displayed in the character’s profile.
• Fixed the bugs related to character stats and statistics not displaying correctly.
• Fixed the bug where some users could not view Pantheon rankings.
• Fixed the bug with the list of all existing communities not displaying correctly.


• Fixed the bug involving completing missions that unlocked new provinces
• Fixed the bug where the statues in the Diamond Hall of Greatness were displayed incorrectly.


• Fixed a bug where the Ong champions would fall through the ground.
• Fixed the name and description of the Gorgonide Biology talent.
• Fixed the behavior of monsters that use ranged attacks. They no longer stop needlessly when chasing an enemy.
• Fixed the bug where the modifiers for adept missions, Transmitting Device and Energy Source, did not affect the number of Energy Modules received in reward.
• Passive ability Mechanoid Structure and other similar abilities now work as described.
• Fixed the bug related to overly frequent voice reaction to taking damage.
• Fixed the bug where Saturday promo adventures with Sparks of Evolution as reward would not show on the globe.